Associate Dean of Teacher Education

Nominations are invited for the position of Associate Dean, Teacher Education. The appointment to a 3-5 year term will begin begin July, 1st 2018.

Each Associate Dean functions as part of the Executive of the Faculty of Education, reporting to the Dean. Candidates for an Associate Dean role should have experience working productively as part of a team and should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. The successful candidate for this role will have an excellent record of scholarly activity and a well developed connections with the education field (K-12 partners, community and governmental stakeholders). Experience in administrative roles within an academic setting is an asset. The Faculty of Education exists in a fast‐changing academic and institutional environment, so an Associate Dean should be experienced at working as an agent of change, as a champion of social justice, a seeker of opportunities, and a leader within such an environment.

Committee members:

  • Dr. Blye Frank (Chair, Dean)
  • Dr. Cynthia Nicol (EDCP)
  • Dr. Jason Ellis (EDST)
  • Dr. Margot Filipenko (LLED)
  • Dr. Shawna Faber (ECPS)
  • Ms. Jessica La Rochelle (NITEP)
  • Mr. Rod Brown (TEO)

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Chris Spencer Foundation Professorship in Dyslexia

The Faculty of Education invites applications for the Chris Spencer Foundation Professorship in Dyslexia, a professorship established to make significant contributions to the methodology and training resources available to teachers and families of children with dyslexia and related learning disabilities. We seek applications that articulate a clear vision for achieving demonstrable impact in Education through advancement of knowledge and improvement in practice. All full time, tenured UBC faculty members at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor are eligible to apply.

Committee members:

  • Dr. Janet Jamieson (Chair, ECPS)
  • Dr. Nancy Perry (ECPS)
  • Dr. Richard Young (ECPS)
  • Dr. Kim Zebehazy (ECPS)
  • Ms. Nikki Yee (graduate student)

Please click here for the Chris Spencer Foundation Professorship in Dyslexia position advertisement.