Media Coverage

The Faculty of Education in the media.

Guest Editorial: Aga Khan Academies

Meredith Fenton, Director of the International Baccalaureate Program for the UBC Faculty of Education, wrote a guest editorial for the Aga Khan Academ More

Struggling Hands-on Educational Farm Program Connects Seniors and Youth in Vancouver

An article on the UBC Intergenerational Landed Learning Project draws attention to their crowdfunding campaign. More

Desperate for French teachers, Vancouver comes to Toronto to recruit

CBC Toronto quoted Dr. Wendy Carr, Associate Dean of teacher education at UBC, for an article about the need for French teachers in BC. More

Teenagers should walk, run a mile every day to help protect against depression

The Sun U.K. featured a UBC study by Dr. Mark Beauchamp that found a lack of exercise could be behind increasing rates of mental illness among young More

Douglas Todd: Canadian boys suffer from lack of male teachers

UBC Education Professor Emeritus Marv Westwood was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun column about the need for Canadian boys to have male teachers as positive role models. More

School district applauds commitment to recruit French teachers from abroad

An article in Pique Magazine mentioned the creation of 37 additional spaces in French teacher-education programs at UBC and Simon Fraser University over the next two years. More

Miquela lives somewhere on Instagram, between fiction and reality

Ron Darvin is interviewed by Publico, a Portuguese newspaper, on how we construct identities through digital media. More

Self-taught carpenter building a whole new skill set in adulthood

Metro News interviewed Dr. Shauna Butterwick, a professor emerita of adult education at UBC, for a story about learning new skills in adulthood. More

Canada’s curiously cautious commemoration of women suffragists

Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag, a UBC professor emerita in educational studies, wrote an op-ed about women suffragists for The Conversation. More

Big Questions Unanswered in Government’s Child Care Plans

Dr. Guofang Li was interviewed by The Tyee about the need to include professional learning for early childhood teachers to better support them to teach and care for children from diverse linguistic, cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds in the BC government's $1 billion investment in universal childcare programs in the next three years. More