Media Coverage

The Faculty of Education in the media.

What’s so great about university rankings?
Wed Jun 08 2016

The Tyee featured an interview with Associate Professor Dr. Michelle Stack (EDST) on the topic of university rankings. More

Exam reduction deserves failing grade
Thu Jun 02 2016

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by Dr. Charles Ungerleider (EDST) on the recent decrease in provincial exams. More

Experts react to BC provincial exam changes
Fri May 27 2016

Dr. Don Krug (EDCP) and Dr. Charles Ungerleider (EDST) spoke to the media about the BC provincial exam changes. More

Should taxpayers fund private schools?
Wed May 25 2016

Dr. Charles Ungerleider was interviewed for CBC‘s The Current about the differences between private and public school education. More

Indigenous mother-son duo overcome odds, graduate from UBC – together
Tue May 24 2016

This May, Jocelyne Robinson graduates with a PhD in education and her son Randy graduates from the Peter A. Allard School of Law. More

Full-faculty LGBT training coming to UBC
Tue May 17 2016

Daily Xtra spoke with Dr. Mary Bryson on an historic LGB/T2/Q inclusive training program coming to UBC in September. More

Celebrity academics: narcissism or expanding conversations?
Mon May 16 2016

Dr. Michelle Stack (EDST) was interviewed in a segment on Roundhouse Radio on celebrity academics. More

An Interview with Dr. Bathseba Opini on the Dadaab Teacher Education Program
Fri May 06 2016

Dr. Bathseba Opini (EDST) spoke with Roundhouse Radio about working on the Dadaab Teacher Education Program. More

Budget woes prompts discussion about funding formula
Sun May 01 2016

Dr. Michelle Stack (EDST) spoke to News 1130 about the need to reevaluate the situation. More

School budget decisions
Thu Apr 28 2016

EDST Professor Emeritus Dr. William Bruneau discussed the difficult decisions school boards have to make on CBC's BC Almanac. More