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The Faculty of Education in the media.

Why some B.C. schools say letter grade report cards fail students

UBC Education professor Sandra Mathison spoke to CBC Radio about the move away from letter grades in Canada, and the impact it may have on students applying to university. More

How to hack your telomeres to slow aging and live longer

Shape Magazine quoted UBC Kinesiology professor Eli Puterman for an article about telomeres, which are proteins that protect human chromosomes from damage. More

How to talk to kids about racism: An age-by-age guide

UBC professor Annette Henry was interviewed for Today’s Parent about how parents can speak to children about racism. More

When breathing goes awry

Scientific American interviewed UBC Kinesiology professor Michael Koehle for a story about the science of breathing. More

Celebrating Black History Month

Dr. Annette Henry, the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education, discusses the significance of Black History Month on Breakfast Television. More

Dr. Annette Henry Q&A on Black History Month

Dr. Annette Henry, the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education and Professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, talks about Black History Month, the need for black history in the school curriculum and the month’s significance. More

Quality of French-immersion teachers questioned as demand soars

Wendy Carr, the associate dean of UBC’s teacher education program, spoke to the Globe and Mail about the demand for French immersion teachers in Canada. More

B.C. leads push to eliminate letter grades from report cards

The Globe and Mail quotes UBC education professor Sandra Mathison in a story about a new school report-card system that doesn’t use traditional letter grades. More

Self-compassion, growth mindset, and the benefits of failure

Psychology Today featured UBC Kinesiology research that shows students who reported higher levels of self-compassion were more engaged and motivated in their studies. More

Opinion: BCTF Supreme Court win creates high stakes for educators

Charles Ungerleider, a professor emeritus of educational studies at UBC, wrote an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun about a plan that will create 1,000 new teaching positions in B.C. following a Supreme Court ruling. More