Media Coverage

The Faculty of Education in the media.

Miquela lives somewhere on Instagram, between fiction and reality

Ron Darvin is interviewed by Publico, a Portuguese newspaper, on how we construct identities through digital media. More

Self-taught carpenter building a whole new skill set in adulthood

Metro News interviewed Dr. Shauna Butterwick, a professor emerita of adult education at UBC, for a story about learning new skills in adulthood. More

Canada’s curiously cautious commemoration of women suffragists

Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag, a UBC professor emerita in educational studies, wrote an op-ed about women suffragists for The Conversation. More

Big Questions Unanswered in Government’s Child Care Plans

Dr. Guofang Li was interviewed by The Tyee about the need to include professional learning for early childhood teachers to better support them to teach and care for children from diverse linguistic, cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds in the BC government's $1 billion investment in universal childcare programs in the next three years. More

New sports, physiotherapy facility opens at UBC

News 1130 reported on the Chan Gunn Pavilion, a new sports and physiotherapy facility at UBC which will be used by faculty and students from the School of Kinesiology. More

Canada’s globally top-ranked university programs, according to QS

Huffington Post reported that UBC has several top-ranked programs in the world, including the School of Kinesiology under sports-related subjects. More

40th Annual Physics Olympics Held in Vancouver

Xinhua highlighted the 40th annual Physics Olympics that took place at UBC on March 10, 2018. More

“We Teach Languages” Podcast Featuring Dr. Ryuko Kubota

In "We Teach Languages" podcast episode 43: Common Misconceptions in English Language Teaching, host Stacey Margarita Johnson talks with Dr. Ryuko Kubota. More

Triumphant trajectory: For UBC’s Jessica Hanson, the arc of success goes beyond three-point buckets

The basketball career of School of Kinesiology student and UBC Thunderbird Jessica Hanson was featured in Varsity Letters. More

Hosting the Olympics has become the contest no one wants to win

UBC professor and sustainability expert Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe was quoted in a Global story about the growing challenge of finding a city willing to host the Olympics. More