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The Faculty of Education in the media.

10 things we know about bullying
Mon May 18 2015

UBC professor Shelley Hymel, author of the latest comprehensive review of bullying research, and her co-author discuss what we know about bullying based on 40 years of research. More

Teachers give low marks to Fraser Institute’s annual report card
Thu May 14 2015

The Fraser Institute’s 2015 report card on B.C. schools is being criticised for not taking into account additional key factors. More

Digital stories key to multilingual literacy for African children
Thu May 14 2015

Dr. Bonny Norton discusses the challenges of teaching African children to read in their mother tongues as a springboard to multilingualism. More

Game of 72 hasn’t caught on in Canada
Fri May 08 2015

Game of 72 hasn’t taken hold in Canada, and experts such as UBC educational psychology professor Jennifer Shapka think it probably never will. More

A 52,438-word dissertation with no punctuation
Sat May 09 2015

A PhD candidate at UBC wrote his dissertation without any periods or commas, claiming there is nothing in UBC’s rules about formats or punctuation. More

UBC student writes 149-page dissertation without punctuation
Fri May 08 2015

The doctoral dissertation of a Nisga’a First Nation student makes a point about aboriginal culture, colonialism, and “the blind acceptance of English language conventions in academia." More

Gardens Sprout at Vancouver Schools
Wed May 06 2015

A partnership between a local food organization, the University of British Columbia, and Landed Learning will bring a new program about food production and marketing to students. More

B.C. teachers wait for court ruling
Wed Apr 29 2015

There is no clear demarcation for where collective bargaining ends, and public policy begins, says UBC professor emeritus Charles Ungerleider. More

Tribute pole for veterans with PTSD
Thu Apr 23 2015

The Early Edition presents the people behind an art project bringing healing to veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More

Why are so many new teachers burning out?
Wed Apr 22 2015

Dr. Rob Tierney talks about why teachers burnout and what schools can do to retain them. More