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The Faculty of Education in the media.

UBC Grad wants to light up your ride
Thu Jan 15 2015

UBC School of Kinesiology grad Doug Bairner has launched a new line of stylish biking wearables in the UK, featuring embedded LED lights. More

Pacific Spirit: Heeding the Call of Nature
Thu Jan 08 2015

BC residents gain spiritual benefits from being outdoors. More

Grade 7 pupils turn undergrads at UBC
Fri Jan 02 2015

A provincial program puts students on the fast track to university. More

Modern academia fails us
Tue Jan 06 2015

An associate professor emeritus at UBC is calling for an overhaul in academia to enhance learning and improve opportunities for sessional staff. More

A point of view: The pursuit of happiness
Fri Jan 02 2015

Happiness research carried out by UBC among primary school students highlighted the positive effects of sharing. More

Gifted students not being identified in B.C.
Sat Jan 03 2015

The drop in the number of gifted students in BC has many causes according to UBC education professor Owen Lo. More

Waging war against a sedentary lifestyle
Wed Dec 31 2014

Although many people regularly engage in outdoor exercises, prolonged sitting can wipe out their hard-won gains. More

The report on report cards

UBC education professor Sandra Mathison cautions report cards shouldn’t be given so much emphasis. More

Grading Report Cards

A UBC education expert explains why rewarding good grades is an automatic fail. More

Why are B.C. parents choosing French immersion?

Dr. Monique Bournot-Trites points out the many benefits to learning a second language, particularly for English-as-a-second-language students. More