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February is Black History Month 2014/02/06

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month. More

Brian Wilson Receives 2013 UBC Killam Research Fellowship 2014/02/03

Brian Wilson, professor, School of Kinesiology, is among the recipients of the 2013 UBC Faculty Research Awards. More

Ponderosa Commons 2 Under Construction 2014/01/31

Excavation for Ponderosa Commons 2, which will house the highly anticipated Education Centre at Ponderosa Commons, is now underway. More

An Interview With Sir John Daniel 2014/01/24

An interview with Sir John Daniel conducted by Don Fisher previous to Sir John's talk, "Higher Education doesn't do Revolutions!", on January 15, 2014. More

External Advisory Board to the Dean 2014/01/22

Dean Frank hosted the first meeting of the newly constituted External Advisory Board to the Dean on the evening of January 16, 2014 at Sage Bistro. More

Passing of Joe Becker, Musqueam Artist 2014/01/20

Joe Becker, a Musqueam artist who led the Direction 7 carving team for the Faculty of Education's 50th Anniversary legacy project, passed away on Jan. 9, 2014. More

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2014/01/15

Take action and learn more about sexual assault by attending an event this January. More

Art Gift for Education Centre at Ponderosa Commons 2014/01/13

The Faculty of Education is pleased to announce the first gift-in-kind artwork to be hung in the new Education Centre at Ponderosa Commons. More

Prestigious Junior Scholar Award Granted to CNPS PhD Candidate, Masahiro Minami 2014/01/10

Congratulations to Masahiro Minami (PhD candidate in Counselling Psychology), who received the prestigious Junior Scholar Award by the Japanese Society for Morita Therapy (JSMT). More

Dr. Jan Hare Appointed PI on MOOC

Dr. Jan Hare has been appointed the Principal Investigator of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled “Reconciliation through Indigenous Education”. More

Study of Nepalese pilgrims challenges diagnosis of acute mountain sickness

Findings of a team co-directed by Dr. Michael Koehle (KIN) calls the popular method of diagnosing acute mountain sickness into question. More

Dr. Mary Bryson and Evan Taylor Featured Speakers at National LGBT Cancer Summit 2014/01/08

Dr. Mary Bryson and Evan Taylor are featured invited speakers at the first ever National LGBT Cancer Summit being held at the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Centre on January 18. More

Movember Canada Research Award 2013/12/02

Drs. Marvin Westwood (ECPS) and David Kuhl (Family Practice) are recipients of a Movember Canada Research Award. More

Murray Elliott Service Award 2013 2013/11/26

Linda Farr Darling is the 2013 recipient of the "Murray Elliott Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Teacher Education Program." More

CASN Excellence in Nursing Research Award 2013/11/22

The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) has awarded Dr. Ratner the Excellence in Nursing Research Award to recognize her accomplishments. More

The African Storybook Project 2013/11/18

Congratulations to Dr. Bonny Norton (LLED), appointed Research Advisor of the African Storybook Project which makes innovative use of the web to promote the multilingual literacy of children across sub-Saharan Africa. More

The new BC Draft Social Studies curriculum

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Seixas (EDCP), whose work in the Historical Thinking Project has been used to frame the new Social Studies concept-based school curriculum. More

HSS Research Dissemination Special Competition 2013-2014 Recipients 2013/11/07

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013-2014 HSS Research Dissemination Special Competition. More

Miranda Mann Awarded Gail Wilson Award for Outstanding Contribution

Congratulations to Kinesiology student Miranda Mann on receiving the Gail Wilson Award for Outstanding Contribution. More

Yao Xiao Awarded Inaugural Hanson Lau Graduate Research Scholarship 2013/11/06

Congratulations to EDST doctoral candidate Yao Xiao on being awarded the inaugural Hanson Lau Graduate Scholarship. More

Education at Ponderosa Commons 2013/11/05

We’ve broken ground on BC’s newest global centre for education! More

Ashley Welsh, co-winner of 2013 Allan Blizzard Award 2013/11/04

Congratulations to Ashley Welsh, doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, who is a co-winner of the 2013 Allan Blizzard Award. More

Tim Laidler Winner of Alumni UBC 2013 Young Alumnus Award 2013/10/23

Tim Laidler, masters candidate in counselling psychology, is the winner of the alumni UBC 2013 Young Alumnus Award. More

The Other Battle Scars 2013/10/21

What makes a brain brave? Knowing it can heal itself. Read the inspiring story of veteran and alumni Tim Laidler at More

Grad Life Insights From UBC’s 2013 Killam Doctoral Scholars

Jason Fice (doctoral candidate in Kinesiology) joins other recent additions to the UBC Killam family in sharing some of their thoughts on what makes their time at UBC time so special. More

The Year of Teacher Launches for 2013/2014 2013/10/10

Wednesday evening marked the launch of the Year of Teacher Education for 2013/2014. More

Leyton Schnellert, co-winner of 2013 CEA Pat Clifford Award 2013/10/09

Congratulations to Leyton Schnellert, Faculty of Education, UBC Okanagan, who is a co-winner of the 2013 CEA Pat Clifford Award for Education Research. More

Small Matters book launch 2013/10/03

Mona Gleason, EDST, launched her book, Small Matters, published by McGill-Queen's University Press, on October 3. The book "explores how medical professionals, lay practitioners, and parents understood young patients" in the past. More

Connected By Commitment

All great achievements are the product of commitment: UBC's 2012/13 Annual Report. More

Robyn Leuty Awarded President’s Service Award for Excellence 2013/10/01

Congratulations to School of Kinesiology alumna and staff member Robin Leuty, recent recipient of the President's Service Award for Excellence. More