Qualtrics selected as the new UBC survey tool

Qualtrics has been selected as the replacement solution for the UBC Survey tool. Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, top-tier survey tool platform that offers a wide range of features.  This enterprise platform is used at over 8,500 brands and at some of the top globally ranked post-secondary institutions.  The UBC Qualtrics instance will be available starting mid-December 2017.  Please look for notifications when training and support will be available.

The transition of any surveys between FluidSurveys and Qualtrics will require manually backing up your ongoing surveys and recreating them in the UBC Qualtrics instance.  Once our contract with FluidSurveys expires on February 26, 2018, there will be no access to the data in FluidSurveys.

For information on how to backup your surveys and about the new UBC Survey tool, please visit it.ubc.ca/surveys.  We will continue to update this service catalog site as more training information becomes available.