Rachel Vukovich

Rachel Vukovich, Physical Health and Education, Bachelor of Kinesiology Graduating May 2017

Why did you choose to study your program?

I'm from Toronto where you have the option in high school to take classes called Personal Fitness (instead of PE), which is where I first began to learn about anatomy and physiology. Later on you have the option to take Exercise Science, which I did as well, and furthered my learning about the body. I initially chose Kinesiology because of the anatomy sector, but I quickly realized that I could also use this degree to satisfy my love of teaching, so I switched from the Interdisciplinary stream into the Physical Health and Education stream. I'm so glad that Kinesiology has such a variety of opportunities within the degree.

Why did you choose UBC?

I knew I wanted to move away from home and try somewhere new, but being from a big city, I didn't want to head to a small university town that would also become home to many of my high school graduating class. Upon visiting UBC's campus I was initially terrified at the size, but once I received my admissions acceptance I became more excited about what opportunities were in store on this beautiful campus in such an amazing city.

Is there anything you’d like to share?—Something amazing you’ve done? Challenges you’ve overcome? Quirky thing you’d like to share?

When I came to UBC I was recruited to join the Developmental Rowing team, and by my second year I had made the Varsity team. Throughout my time here, I was lucky enough to be part of two close knit groups: the Varsity Rowing Team, as well as the School of Kinesiology.

What are the most valuable things you have learned?

Hard work is only successful with balance! You can't run yourself to the ground unless you are also able to bring yourself back up.

What are your goals for the future–immediate? Long-term?

In the immediate future, I am continuing my studies with the Bachelor of Education program at UBC in order to become a secondary school Physical Health and Education teacher. I also hope to become involved with Special Education in the long-term.

How do you hope to make a difference in our world?

I really hope that in the Physical Health and Education world I can provide students with enough activities and motivation that they will want to pursue lifelong physical activity. I also hope that once I get involved with Special Education, I can help individuals to learn and pursue whatever goals they have.

What advice would you give a student considering your field of study?

There is lots of variety so don't be scared to try new things in Kinesiology! There are so many different paths this degree can take you in, and you have time to learn multiple areas of study, so you may as well dip your toes into all the different waters and then decide what you want to get out of this degree.

Rachel Vukovich