Our internationally renowned scholars and talented graduate students generate new knowledge and advance understanding, practice, and policy in education.

Whether you are a student searching for information on scholarships, a staff member looking for information about graduate policies, or a faculty member seeking information about research funding opportunities, we hope our web site provides you with both a global orientation to the Faculty of Education, along with very specific information about the resources available to you.

Office of Research in Education (ORE)

The ORE oversees and supports research activity and graduate programs in the Faculty of Education.
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Centres & Institutes

A list of research centres and institutes in the Faculty of Education.
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Chairs & Professorships

The Faculty of Education is endowed with eight chairs and seven professorships.
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Faculty Directory

The Directory provides a list of Faculty of Education faculty members, searchable by department and research interests.
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Indigenous Education

The research of Indigenous faculty members in Education explores the full spectrum of lifelong learning, from family and community health, literacy and math, to Indigenous languages, pedagogies, and knowledge systems.
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International Initiatives

Whether it’s teaching children to read English in Uganda or bringing modern agriculture techniques to Afghanistan, the Faculty of Education’s international reach is extensive.
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A variety of research resources.
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