The Faculty of Education Strategic Plan 2011–2016

Articulating the priorities and objectives toward which we are striving as a community

In highlighting our contribution to the Place and Promise of UBC, central in our Plan are the goals, actions, and projects that we commit to, to achieve our mission.


Research Excellence
Conduct innovative research that informs the work of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in ways that advance personal, social, cultural, political development, not only in Canada, but worldwide.

Teaching and Learning
Ensure rich learning experiences through our teaching, research, and community outreach activities and across undergraduate, graduate, and ongoing professional learning.

Community Engagement
Make vital, ethical, and sustained contributions to social and economic well-being by engaging communities in research, learning, and debate about community issues of concern.

Aboriginal Engagement
Engage in innovative scholarship and professional practice to make significant policy, educational, and research contributions to improve Indigenous education at all levels.

Development & Alumni Engagement
Foster lifelong relationships among students, alumni, emeriti, and the Faculty of Education community in ways that enable us to generate resources and work collectively to achieve our strategic goals and mission.

International Engagement
Promote understanding of teaching and learning in diverse cultures and their role in sustaining socially-just societies.

Outstanding Work Environment
Attract, retain, and support outstanding faculty, staff, and students.

Promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability, for the Faculty of Education itself, and to make a significant contribution to the well-being of communities locally and globally for future generations.

Education at Ponderosa Commons
Play an active role in the design of one of five new live-work-learn communities at UBC, launching a new Faculty of Education space in which we continuously showcase innovations in research, teaching, and learning.


**For more information about our strategic planning process for the next five years, please click here.