Robyn Sneath, BEd’11



Dr. Robyn Sneath is an entrepreneur and community builder. She is the CEO of Sneath Group, a consortium of three businesses – Bowerbird Stays (designer vacation rentals), SKIN Clinics (cosmetic and medical dermatology), and Sneath Projects (general contractor). She is passionate about building healthier, more vibrant communities, and to that end she serves on the board of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, CanU Canada, and the D.F. Plett Historical Research Foundation. She holds a Master’s from Harvard, a Bachelor of Education from UBC, a BA from the University of Winnipeg, and a doctorate from the University of Oxford, in Education, where she studied as a Trudeau scholar. Before going into business, she taught history at the secondary and post‐secondary level, and worked as a researcher and a fashion model. As the first in her family to go to university, she is passionate about the transformative power of education.  Together with her husband, Dr. Sneath has three wild and wonderful young kids, a St Berdoodle named Jeff, and makes her home in Brandon, Manitoba.

Meeting Robyn


What is your most memorable experience from your time in the Faculty of Education?

My most memorable experience in the Faculty of Education at UBC was a teaching exchange trip to Singapore–what an incredible opportunity to experience a different culture together with three classmates.

Where has your education from the Faculty of Education taken you in your career?

After graduating from UBC, I taught Social Studies at Southridge Senior School in South Surrey–an incredible school, and from there I went to the University of Oxford to study for my doctorate in Education.  My thesis was about the school of Low German Mennonites in Canada and Mexico. I had the opportunity to go visit the Mennonite colonies in northern Mexico and observe their schools–a life changing experience!

Where do issues of inclusion find a place in your life or at work?

I think we’re all becoming more mindful of wanting to be as inclusive as possible.  The most obvious change is how this has shaped our hiring practices.  I’m so proud to own a construction company that had a woman GM, along with several women and indigenous carpenters.

Do you have any words of wisdom for current students? Newly graduated folks?

The program is short, so don’t hesitate to dive right in! I joined the student exec, became the education student rep to the University Senate, and took advantage of the opportunity to complete part of my training in Singapore– a paid month-long experience. Also, remember to have fun, to aspire to excellence, and to enjoy the freedom of life as a student.

Even though I don’t work in the education field, my time at UBC was critical in helping me hone my communication skills, put together a great presentation, and manage an unruly crowd!