Canada Research Chair Renewal for Bill Pinar

Congratulations Dr. Bill Pinar, Professor in EDCP, on the renewal of his Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Curriculum Studies.


During his first term, Bill’s research focused on curriculum studies in South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. These three nations’ colonial histories, he argued, rendered them compelling to North Americans preoccupied with social justice. Similar projects in China and India – whose distinctive fields of curriculum studies promise to exert worldwide influence – are now underway. In separate but theoretically intersecting projects, Bill continues to study the concepts of cosmopolitanism, internationalization, and disciplinarity and their significance for curriculum studies not only in the above nations, but in the United States and Canada as well.

We celebrate Bill’s success and offer our best wishes for the next steps of this noteworthy research program!

Note by Dr. Beth Havercamp, Associate Dean, Office of Graduate Programs & Research