CIHR Operating Grant for HIV Project


Congratulations Dr. Mary Bryson, Professor in LLED, on the recently awarded CIHR Operating Grant.

Dr. Bryson is co-investigator on the grant worth $273,359. This 3-year project, entitled HPV Vaccination Discourses, Practices and Spaces: Affects and Effects on Youth’s Bodies and Subjectivities, will investigate how the Human Papillomavirus vaccine (HPVV) discourses have impacted Canadian youth, and specifically how these discourses are deployed, disseminated, understood, taken-up and/or resisted at home, school, media and health spaces.

Principal Applicants:  RAIL, Genevieve, Concordia University

Co-Investigators: BRYSON, Mary; FUSCO, Caroline; RUSSEL, Kate; BURNS, Kellie ; McDONALD, Mary; MOOLA, Fiona;  NORMAN, Moss Edward; PETHERICK, LeAnne; POLZER, Jessica