Don Krug Receives Sustainability Fellowship Award

Congratulations Dr. Don Krug for being awarded the 2012/13 USI Teaching & Learning Fellowship at UBC.

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The Fellowship Program brings together outstanding UBC faculty members who are leaders in sustainability education, to share their ideas and make concrete contributions to sustainability learning opportunities on campus. The USI Teaching & Learning Fellows guide the advancement of sustainability education at UBC, both within individual disciplines and across the university as a whole.

Don Krug, Faculty of EducationDon is a Professor in the Faculty of Education and his research is organized around the complex relationships of education (curriculum, pedagogy, cognition, and policy), technologies (emerging media and popular culture and information and communication technology integration); culture (identity, place, aesthetics); communication (language, representation, social networking, simulations, visualization); sustainability (ecologies, economics, societies, and cultures) and social justice (equity, democracy, affirmation and activism). He studies and develops ways to bring these interconnected domains of knowledge into educational settings for pragmatic and critical inquiry by K-12 teachers, students and post-secondary researchers, for example, developing pedagogical communication strategies to identify and study the intertextual meanings of “greenwashing” and how and why nature is sometimes used deceptively to market commercial products as environmentally friendly such as a soft drink machine covered with the image of a rainforest.