Dr. Bill McMichael Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Congratulations Dr. Bill McMichael, on being recognized with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The award marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. This historic occasion has only been marked once before, by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, in 1897.

The medal provides an opportunity to honour exceptional Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, to our communities and to our country. Dr. McMichael was recognized for his long educational service with marginalized communities in the Metro Vancouver, and will be awarded the medal on November 18 in East Vancouver.

Dr. McMichael retired this year after 21 years of service as Coordinator of Language and Literacy Education courses in the UBC Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program, UBC’s largest and longest-standing international exchange. He also served on the UBC Senate for many years.