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Download the Call for TT Professoriate Stream Faculty Hire Proposals: Faculty of Education & the Accelerate Phase of the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative (PAEI) Faculty Hiring Plan document here.

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Dr. Blye Frank (chair)
Dr. Patricia Duff, member (ORE)
Dr. Lesley Andres, member (EDST)
Dr. Nicola Hodges, member (KIN)
Dr. Jan Hare, member (INED)
Dr. Jennifer Jenson, member (LLED)
Dr. Cynthia Nicol, member (EDCP)
Dr. Bruno Zumbo, member (ECPS)

Terms of Reference

Can be found HERE


Andrea Webb (Chair)

Marianne McTavish (TEO)

Surita Jhangiani (ECPS)

Deirdre Kelly (EDST)

Jessica La Rochelle (NITEP)

Meghan Corella (LLED)

Cynthia Nicol in Term 1; Scott Goble in Term 2 (EDCP)

Terms of Reference

Advise and make recommendations to the Dean pertaining to the Faculty especially around matters of programmatic initiatives, policies, academic integrity, strategies, goals, budget and oversight.


Blye Frank (Chair)

Mary Bryson (DNSO)

Shelley Hymel (ECPS)

Samson Nashon (EDCP)

George Belliveau (LLED)

Mona Gleason (EDST)

Robert Boushel (KIN)

Margaret Macintyre-Latta (UBC-O)

Mark Beauchamp (ORE)

Marianne McTavish (TEO)

Jan Hare (IND ED)

Suzanne Scott (DAE)

Lynne Tomlinson (PDCE)

Clara Ng (DNSO)

Moira McDermott (DNSO)

Anna Bin (DNSO)

Natasha Boskic (ETS)

Upcoming Dates 2018-19 Time Venue
Monday, September 17, 2018 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Scarfe 2415
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Scarfe 2415
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Scarfe 2415
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Scarfe 2415
Tuesday, June 25, 2019 11:45 a.m. – 2:15 a.m. Scarfe 2415

Terms of Reference

Advise and make recommendations to the Dean and Faculty of Education departments/units.

Explore, discuss and disseminate information regarding research initiatives and issues within the Faculty, University and wider community.


Patsy Duff (Chair)

Guy Faulkner (KIN)

Jennifer Lenson (LLED)

Jennifer Katz (ECPS)

Kerry Renwick (EDST)

Jennifer Shapka (ORE)

Alison Taylor (EDST)

Heather Frost (ORE)


Blye Frank (Chair)

George Belliveau (LLED)

Samson Nashon (EDCP)

Mona Gleason (EDST)

Shelley Hymel (ECPS)

Robert Boushel (KIN)

Margaret Macintyre Latta (OSE)


Dean Blye Frank, Chair

Dr. Frank was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia for a five-year term, effective April 1, 2011 and reappointed for another five-year term effective July 1, 2016. He earned his PhD from Dalhousie University (1990), MEd (1981), BEd (1976) and BA (1975) from Acadia University. A scholar and advocate for social justice and equity with over four decades working in education, Dr. Frank is an experienced educator and administrator who brings a strong commitment to excellence in research, teaching and academic leadership.

Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Frank was Professor and Head of the Division of Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Dr. Frank has an active research career and is a recognized expert in the field of gender studies with academic interests that include masculinity and the sociology of boys’ and men’s health.

Haruka Higo

Haruka is currently working towards a Bachelor of Education in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. She recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Commerce. Growing up in Japan and attending International Schools all throughout her life, she was given the opportunity to interact and learn about people from various cultures. Her passion to teach stems from the inspiring teachers she had growing up and she hopes to teach at International Schools in the future.

Haruka currently serves as the President of the 2019/20 Education Students' Association (ESA) and seeks to develop a community within the BEd program amongst the Teacher Candidates. She is looking forward to the year ahead of her as she works alongside the ESA, TEO and the Dean's Office.

Thelma Sharp Cook

Thelma Sharp Cook

A professor emerita in the UBC Faculty of Education, Thelma Sharp Cook graduated from UBC's first teaching class in secondary education in 1958. Shortly after the inception of NITEP, the Indigenous Teacher Education Program at UBC, she was appointed as the program’s second director in 1977, where she took an active role in fundraising for scholarships, awards, and bursaries for Aboriginal students.

Although retired, Thelma still maintains her connections with UBC. In addition to serving on Dean Blye Frank's External Advisory Board for the Faculty of Education, she still takes classes (for credit) and volunteers at graduation. Her generous ongoing contributions to UBC include establishment of the Sharp Family NITEP Graduation Prize and the Thelma Sharp Cook Scholarship.

Dede DeRose

Dede DeRose

DeDe DeRose is Secwepempc and a member of the Esketemc First Nation near Williams Lake. She graduated from the Native Indian Teacher’s Education Program (NITEP) with a BEd degree in 1981; received a Diploma in Education in 1990; and completed the Ts”kel Master’s Program at UBC in 1993. Since graduating her priority in public schools, the district, and the province have been to advocate for improving Aboriginal student success.

Born in Williams Lake, the eldest of six children, she grew up on ranches in rural areas of the Chilcotin and Cariboo communities participating in 4-H and competing in rodeo. She attended small rural schools graduating from 100 Mile House. She taught for nine years in the Cariboo Chilcotin School District before taking a position as a principal in six elementary schools in the Kamloops/Thompson School District for 19 years. Currently, DeDe has returned to the Kamloops/ Thompson School District in her role at an elementary school principal to 400 students. She also is involved with the BCPVPA and the BCSSA by assisting in the development of Aboriginal leadership for their members.

During her career, DeRose has advocated for the inclusion of Aboriginal languages, cross curriculum inclusion of Aboriginal history and culture, and genuine involvement from parents, caregivers, and communities. She served as the first Aboriginal educator on the former BC College of Teachers for over eight years. DeRose has chaired and co-chaired the First Nations Education Council at UBC for 14 years. In 2005, DeRose was awarded the first Teacher Educator Award from the Association of BC Deans of Education for her “outstanding work in supporting and promoting teacher education at the school level.” DeDe served as the first Superintendent of Aboriginal Achievement and was seconded for two years from 2012 to 2014 to the Ministry of Education. She was honoured to act in that role.

On a personal note, DeDe's most important and special role is the recent one she's had over the past 4 years of being the best Kye7e (grandmother) possible to her five adorable and wonderful "imch" (grandchildren).

Harpreet Dhillon

Harpreet Dhillon

Harpreet Dhillon is a grade six teacher at Surrey’s Cindrich Elementary School. She completed UBC’s Bachelor of Education program in 2000 and received additional training in art education. In 2013, Harp was named winner of the Faculty’s Alumni Teacher Award for her work in bringing social responsibility to her students and the greater student body of Cindrich. The Faculty presents this award to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its alumni, who as teachers, are making exceptional impacts in the lives of their students and learning communities. With a lead-by-example approach, Harp has inspired many students to get involved in activities to support their local communities and those around the world.

Harpreet established the WE team at Cindrich over four years ago and students now help communities in need both locally and around the world. She believes that children have much to offer as members of community. She strives to fulfill the philosophy of one her favourite quotes from Margaret Mead found on her classroom wall, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Jill Gardiner

Ms. Gardiner is a corporate director and currently serves on the boards of Capstone, Capital Power Corporation and Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. Previously, Ms. Gardiner spent over 20 years in the investment banking industry, most recently as Managing Director and Regional Head, British Columbia for RBC Capital Markets. In her various roles in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and debt capital markets, she provided strategic advice to, and helped raised capital for, numerous corporations with a focus on the power, pipelines, infrastructure, forest products and diversified industries. Ms. Gardiner was formerly a Senior Project Manager at the Ontario Energy Board and a lecturer at the University of Victoria in corporate finance and human resource management.

Ms. Gardiner serves as a director on the boards of SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts and Timber Investments. She has also served on not-for-proft boards. She has an MBA and BSc from Queen's University.

Avis Glaze

Avis Glaze

Dr. Avis Glaze is one of Canada’s outstanding educators and a recognized international leader in education. From classroom teacher to superintendent of schools and director of education, this award-winning educator has experience at all levels of the school system. She was one of five Commissioners on Ontario’s Royal Commission on Learning. As Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer and founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, she played a pivotal role in improving student achievement in Ontario. Dr. Glaze served as Ontario’s Education Commissioner and Senior Adviser to the Minister of Education. She was Professor in Residence in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Currently, she is President of Edu-quest International Inc. offering a wide range of educational services and speaking engagements across the globe. Her most recent appointment was as a member of the International Advisory Committee to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. She also served as Adviser to Nelson Mandela in South Africa through CIDA, and as Adviser to the Minister of Education in New Zealand on national standards.

Avis continues to be the inveterate learner that she is, taking courses at every possible opportunity. She recently received designation as a Visible Learning Certified Trainer, in John Hattie’s work, offered through Corwin Press in Thousand Oaks, California.

Dr. Glaze is skilled at motivating, inspiring, and developing the skills of entire school staffs to realize their potential in improving their schools. The most recent book which she co-authored, is Breaking Barriers: Excellence and Equity for All (Glaze, Mattingley and Levin). A forthcoming book, High School Graduation: k-12 Strategies that Work, (Glaze, Mattingley and Andrews) identifies proven strategies to improve graduation rates for all students regardless of socio-economic or other social or demographic factors.

Wade Grant

Wade Grant

First elected to Musqueam Chief & Council in 2004, Wade Grant was a Musqueam Councillor until stepping down in 2014 to accept a role as the Special Advisor to the Premier on Aboriginal Issues.

Prior to this, Wade was the Economic Development Coordinator for Musqueam First Nation. He was appointed to Vancouver Police Board in 2010. He is also a Board member on the Aboriginal Tourism BC Board, the Laurier Institute Board, the Canadian Blood Services National Blood Bank Board and is Co-Chair of the Vancouver Urban Dialogues Project.

During the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Wade was Assistant General Manager of the Four Host Nations Aboriginal Pavilion. He has acted as a policy analyst for the BC Assembly of First Nations and as executive assistant to the Solicitor General of British Columbia. He holds a BA in Political Science from UBC and attended UBC Law School.

Wade, his wife Maureen and two children, Eli and Isla, live on the Musqueam Indian Reserve.

Bob Poole

Bob has played an active role in many aspects of the education continuum since graduating from UBC with a BSc (Biology) and a teacher Professional Certificate.

Since 2002 Bob has been a full time employee of the International Baccalaureate Organization, now serving as Regional Development Specialist for the IB Americas Region of the IBO. He works out of Vancouver on IB Americas initiatives both in Canada and the US, connecting with Universities, Governments, professional and nonprofit Associations as well as broad network of school based Associations. His role on the Organization’s Global Recognition team deals with related issues internationally. His professional experience has led to the development of an extensive network of educators; colleagues and contacts within North America and from around the world.

Bob was a Biology teacher, an IB teacher, and for many years, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator, at Sir Winston Churchill High School in Vancouver. His involvement with the IB grew in parallel with the IB’s growth in the United States, Canada and in countries around the world. His skills and experience led to service on a wide variety of committees and task forces both for the IB globally and for the Americas regionally. He participated in the development of many of the processes and procedures of the IBO: teacher professional development, school visits, school evaluations, handbooks and guidance materials for both schools and coordinators.

He has been recognized for his leadership and creativity in addressing the many challenges in education and for developing approaches for IB recognition to Universities and Government. He continues to encourage and mentor teachers, coordinators, schools and grass roots advocacy groups called, Associations of IB World Schools. These volunteer organizations allow practicing teachers and educators to give voice to their needs locally and nationally. Bob’s work has him in close contact with people in most facets of educational systems in North America including; students, teachers, administrators, school districts, Ministers and Ministries of Education in Canada, State Superintendents and Departments of Education in the US, as well as extensive contacts within the University community and in the legislative realm of government.

Bob is a strong proponent for broad access for all students to high quality programs.

Bob Quartermain

Bob Quartermain

Over his 35-year career in geology, exploration and development Dr. Quartermain established a solid track record in building shareholder value in the field of precious metals exploration and development. He was the president of Silver Standard Resources for 25 years building it from a fledgling exploration company to one of the largest in-ground silver resources held by a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of $2 billion.

After leaving his post with Silver Standard, Dr. Quartermain launched Pretium Resources Inc. with one of Canada’s largest IPOs in 2010 and is currently the President and CEO of the company. Pretium has 100% interest in the Snowfield and Brucejack Projects in northern British Columbia; combined they represent one of the largest underdeveloped gold resources in North America.

Dr. Quartermain holds Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of New Brunswick, a Master of Science degree in mineral exploration from Queen’s University and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick in May 2009.

Recognizing the importance of education and recruitment in the field of geology, Dr. Quartermain supports his alma mater, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) through philanthropic initiatives for the Quartermain Sports Medicine Centre, the Quartermain Center for Earth Sciences, and annual Robert Quartermain Geology Scholarships.

The Hon. Linda Reid

Linda Reid, MLA for Richmond South Centre, has built her reputation in the BC Legislative Assembly on her professional background in education, management, and community service. She is the longest-serving MLA in the current parliament and the longest serving woman in B.C. history, making bold and steadfast efforts to drive positive change for more than 26 years.

A teacher and administrator by profession, Linda holds a Master’s Degree and recently served as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. She was Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of BC from 2009 to 2013.

From 1991 to present, she won accolades of distinguished service in many portfolios she served as a Cabinet/State Minister. She has held a number of high profile positions and played a leading role in encouraging women at national and international levels.

In 2015, Linda Reid was recognized by the University of British Columbia as one of the Faculty of Education’s top 100 outstanding alumni.

Linda’s volunteer record in the community demonstrates a lifelong commitment to public service that is the foundation of her distinguished record in government. From her beginnings as a First Aid Cadet with St. John Ambulance and as leader of young women in the Guiding movement to her participation as BC Chair for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind; and from her work as a Director of the Garden City Hospice Society to her founding membership of the Richmond Chinatown Lions Club, Linda makes a positive difference which people can feel in their lives.

Linda is the Chairperson of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Canada Region where she is focused on engaging and supporting women to seek public office to increase the number of women in positions of leadership.

Linda and her husband Sheldon have two children, Olivia and Will.

Don Shafer

Don is a veteran broadcaster, entrepreneur, community activist, student and pretty average guitar player. He served as a cryptologist in the US Army, studied Psychology and English at UT Austin & Communications and Journalism at USC Los Angeles and as a lifelong learner, is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Simon Fraser University.

As President & CEO of Roundhouse Radio, Vancouver’s newest radio station, Don and his team are committed to building a new “hyper” local radio station focused on sharing the stories of everyone who lives, works and plays in the City of Vancouver to help bring this community closer together.

As one of the Directors and owners, Roundhouse Radio is a legacy project that pulls together five decades in media assisting local communities, Not-For-Profit organisations, NGO’s and working towards positive social change.

Don is an active member of the broadcasting community and has served on a number of boards and committees including the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, the Radio Marketing Bureau, Television Marketing Bureau, Small Market Independent Television Group and the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters. He is a past president of the Ontario Association of Broadcasters and recipient of the Alan Waters Life Time Achievement Award.

Don is a community activist and a strong supporter of local community organisations. He has served on the boards of Variety the Children’s Charity in Vancouver & Toronto, The Canadian Culinary Championships to assist the Canadian Olympic Team and the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation. He is active in the LGBTQ community assisting PFLAG and QMUNITY, the Canadian Red Cross and a number of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Resident Associations. He is a member of the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Unversity of British Columbia’s Advisory Boards.

Father of five, camper, biker and fly fisher, Don is an avid reader and presently engaged in his thesis exploring The Many Faces of Climate Change and Denial.

Michel Tarko

Michel Tarko

Michel is the President & CEO of the JIBC. Dr. Tarko was previously Vice President, Academic at JIBC and prior to that, held the position of Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences at Douglas College. He also served as the Project Manager for the development of the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing - Douglas College’s first baccalaureate degree independent of other post-secondary education partnerships. As Dean, he was actively engaged in building partnerships between post-secondary educational institutions inter-provincially related to graduate education in psychiatric nursing.

Michel serves on two Boards (European Psychiatric Nursing Advisory Board and the Neuman Systems Model of Nursing, VP, Executive Committee).

Michel has a PhD in Education and is a registered psychiatric nurse.

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor is Superintendent of Schools and Secretary-Treasurer for School District 10, an innovative rural district in southeastern British Columbia, which claims place-conscious learning as its signature pedagogy. She earned a B.A. in English and Performing Arts at SFU (1982), a Masters of Counselling Psychology at OISE, University of Toronto (1988), and is a 2016 graduate of UBC’s post-graduate Transformative Educational Leadership Program.

Ever passionate about teaching, learning, and educational leadership, Terry fosters collaborative and transformative educational practice amongst educators, parents, students, community and post-secondary partners in her school district, her region, and across the province. Terry is a lead learner, avidly nurturing research-informed pedagogy which engages all learners. She sees her leadership in collaborative professional learning as key to building that capacity in all educators.

A strong advocate for K-12 education and teacher education, Terry has served as a rural educator for over 35 years, and since 2009 as an instructor in UBC’s West Kootenay Teacher Education Program. She was the recipient in 2014 of the WKTEP Marlane King and Joseph Ranallo Teaching Award, and a finalist for the Premier’s Excellence in Teaching Award in Literacy in 2009.

Along with colleague, Dr. Linda Farr Darling, she has co-written chapters on rural education and place-consciousness for Becoming a History Teacher: Sustaining Practices in Historical Thinking and Knowing (2014, U of T Press) and the Handbook of Canadian Research in initial Teacher Education (2015, Can Association for Teacher Education). Terry has also contributed chapters to Dr. Leyton Schnellert and Faye Brownlie’s It’s All About Thinking books (2009 and 2015), writing about innovative rural teaching practice.

Terry serves on the Executive of the BC School Superintendent’s Association, on the provincial Rural Education Advisory Committee, and the BC Ministry of Education’s Provincial Outreach team, and with the Ministry of Education’s Learning Advisory Board.

Upcoming Dates 2020-21 Time Venue
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. TBD
Thursday, November 19, 2020 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. TBD
Tuesday, March 9, 2021 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. TBD
Thursday, May 6, 2021 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. TBD


Dr. Blye Frank (Chair)

Dr. Mary Bryson (Recording Secretary)

Anna Bin (Process Support)

Dr. Peter Arthur (OSE)

Dr. Bill Borgen (ECPS)

Dr. Peter Crocker (KIN)

Dr. Laura Hurd (KIN)

Dr. Rita Irwin (EDCP)

Dr. Janet Jamieson (ECPS)

Dr. Guofang Li (LLED)

Dr. Andre Mazawi (EDST)

Dr. Anne Phelan (EDCP)

Dr. Ling Shi (LLED)

Dr. Thomas Sork (EDST)

University-Wide Committee Name Representative Name Department/School
Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellness Working Group LA ROCHELLE, Jessica IND ED
Academic Oncology Meeting MCKENZIE, Dr. Don KIN
Athlete Career Transition UBC Advisory Committee BEAUCHAMP, Dr. Mark KIN
BC Sport Cardiology Centre WARBURTON, Dr. Darren KIN
Behavioural Ethics Review Board BOURNOT-TRITES, Dr. Monique LLED
Behavioural Research Ethics Board SCHONERT-REICHL, Dr. Kimberly ECPS
Canada Research Chair Committee VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
Canada Research Chair Nominations Internal Review Committee LI, Dr. Guofang LLED
Centre for Prison Health Research BUCHANAN, Dr. Marla ECPS
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) GALLA, Dr. Candace LLED
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) D'SILVA, Reginald LLED
Centre of Japanese Research Advisory Committee KUBOTA, Dr. Ryuko LLED
Centre of Korean Research Advisory Comittee KUBOTA, Dr. Ryuko LLED
Chair UBC GUNN IMS Advisory Board MCKENZIE, Dr. Don KIN
Clinical Kinesiology Certification Committee, School of Kinesiology WARBURTON, Dr. Darren KIN
College of Health Disciplines BUCHANAN. Dr. Marla ECPS
Committee of Faculty Business Administration, Co-Chair NG, Clara DNSO
Committee of Faculty Business Administration BIN, Anna DNSO
Internationalization Working Group ANDREOTTI, Dr. Vanessa EDST
English Language Institute Advisory Committee NORTON, Dr. Bonny LLED
English Language Institute Advisory Committee ZAPPA-HOLLMAN, Dr. Sandra LLED
Faculty Merit and Study Leave Committee MACINTYRE LATTA, Margaret UBCO
Faculty Merit and Study Leave Committee CHERKOWSKI, Sabre UBCO
Faculty Merit and Study Leave Committee ARTHUR, Peter UBCO
Faculty Merit and Study Leave Committee ORTIS, Jeanie UBCO
Facilities Committee for Research Space RAGOONADEN, Karen UBCO
Graduate Academic Policy Committee Shapka, Jennifer ORE
Graduate Committee, School of Kinesiology WARBURTON, Dr. Darren KIN
Graduate Council, Faculty of Graduate Studies PHELAN, Dr. Anne EDCP
Graduate Council, Faculty of Graduate Studies Shapka, Jennifer ORE
Graduate Council, Faculty of Graduate Studies SHEEL, Dr. Bill KIN
Graduate New Programs and Curriculum Committee NASHON, Dr. Samson EDCP
Graduate Program Committee CHERKOWSKI, Dr. Sabre UBCO
Graduate Program Committee WETTERSTRAND, Greg UBCO
Graduate Program Committee CAMPBELL, Robert UBCO
Graduate Program Committee BROOM, Catherine UBCO
Graduate Program Committee RAGOONADEN, Karen UBCO
Graduate Program Committee DOUGLAS, Scott UBCO
Graduate Program Committee ARTHUR, Peter UBCO
Graduate Scholarship Committee, Faculty of Graduate Studies Shapka, Jennifer ORE
Green College Advisory Board VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
Green College Faculty Council HODGES, Dr. Nikki KIN
Green College Media & Communications Committee HODGES, Dr. Nikki KIN
Green College Senior Fellow VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) Director SCHONERT-REICHL, Dr. Kimberley ECPS
ICORD Executive Committee (Associate Director, Education) LAM, Dr. Tania KIN
Institutional Self Study (ISS) Steering Committee - ISS Subcommittee – Academic and Learning Environments FRANK, Dr. Blye DNSO
Integrated Process and Outcomes Committee BIN, Anna DNSO
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program Chair WEBER, Dr. Barbara ECPS
Internal Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) RTI Research Grant Review Committee INGLIS, Dr. Tim KIN
Master of Arts in Children's Literature (MACL) ASSELIN, Dr. Marlene LLED
Master of Arts in Children's Literature (MACL) FILIPENKO, Dr. Margot LLED
Master of Arts in Children's Literature (MACL) KENDRICK, Dr. Maureen LLED
Master of Arts in Children's Literature (MACL) ROGERS, Dr. Theresa LLED
ORS Standing Review Committee MACINTYRE LATTA, Margaret UBCO
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, ‘Institute Associate’ WILSON, Dr. Brian KIN
Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, Mentorship Committee VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline MCKEE, Dr. Bill ECPS
Presidents Women’s Advisory Committee VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
President's Working Committee on Disability Culture, Art and Equity LA ROCHELLE, Jessica IND ED
PDC (includes Summer Institute) BERG, Dr. Stephen UBCO
PDC (includes Summer Institute) ARTHURE,Peter UBCO
PDC (includes Summer Institute) WETTERSTRAND, Greg UBCO
PDC (includes Summer Institute) JOHNSON, Rob UBCO
Rick Hansen Fellowship Adjudication Committee WARBURTON, Dr. Darren KIN
Ritsumeikan Joint Advisory Committee ALTAN, Lisa LLED
Ritsumeikan Joint Advisory Committee D'SILVA, Dr. Reginald LLED
Ritsumeikan Joint Advisory Committee PARE, Dr. Anthony LLED
School of Health and Exercise Sciences Personnel Committee (UBCO) FRANKS, Dr. Ian KIN
Senate FRANK, Dr. Blye DNSO
Senate FAULKNER, Dr. Guy KIN
Senate KINDLER, Dr. Anna EDCP
Senate Appeals and Academic Standing Committee MCKEE, Dr. Bill ECPS
Senate Curriculum Committee FRANK, Dr. Blye DNSO
Senate Curriculum Committee FABER, Dr. Shawna ECPS
Senate Curriculum Committee BERG, Stephen UBCO
Senate Teaching & Learning Committee FRANK, Dr. Blye DNSO
Senate Teaching & Learning Committee MCKEE, Dr. Bill ECPS
Senior Appointment Committee (SAC), Chair FILIPENKO, Dr. Margot LLED
Senior Appointment Committee (SAC) O'DONOGHUE, Dr. Dónal EDCP
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant Internal Review Committee GUNDERSON, Dr. Lee LLED
St John’s College Senior Fellow VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
St John’s Membership Committee VERTINSKY, Dr. Patricia KIN
UBC Faculty Association CORELLA MORALES, M. LLED
UBC Integrated Renewal Program MCKEE, Dr. Bill ECPS
UBC Strategic Plan Implementation Advisory Committee NG, Clara DNSO
Undergraduate Program Committee CHERKOWSKI, Sabre UBCO
Undergraduate Program Committee KLASSEN, Wendy UBCO
Undergraduate Program Committee BROOM, Catherine UBCO
Undergraduate Program Committee CAMPBELL, Robert UBCO
Undergraduate Program Committee RAGOONADEN, Karen UBCO
Undergraduate Program Committee MACLEAN, Anne UBCO
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) Translation Research Training & Career Development Working Group (ICORD representative) LAM, Dr. Tania KIN
Vantage College ZAPPA-HOLLMAN, Dr. Sandra LLED
DNSO Dean's Office
EDCP Curriculum & Pedagogy
ECPS Educational & Counselling Psychology, & Special Education
EDST Educational Studies
LLED Language & Literacy Education
KIN School of Kinesiology
IND ED Indigenous Education
UBCO University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus

Terms of Reference

Advise departments and Dean on graduate policy within the Faculty.

Administer all graduate program and curriculum changes within the Faculty.

Coordinate and disseminate information on research methods courses offered throughout the Faculty.


Jenna Shapka , Chair (ORE)

Marina Milner-Bolotin (EDCP)

Andre Mazawi (EDST)

Bill McKee (ECPS)

Patricia Vertinsky (KIN) 

Bill Sheel (KIN) (Alternate)

Ling Shi (LLED)


Graduate Students:

There are 5 student representatives (one from each unit).

Faculty of Education JOHSC-Terms-of-Reference-1920

Faculty of Education JOHSC Information Page

Worker Representatives Work Area
Vicki Domansky, Co-Chair - CUPE 2950 Professional Development and Community Engagement
Silvia Almanza Alonso - CUPE 2950 Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Fred Brown - CUPE 116 Curriculum and Pedagogy
Dr. Kerry Renwick - Faculty Association Curriculum and Pedagogy
Dr. Ali Abdi (A) - Faculty Association Ponderosa
Dr. Kim Zebehazy (A) - Faculty Association Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Dr. Edward Kroc - Faculty Association Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Matthew Duckworth - AAPS Teacher Education Office
Justine Huang (A) - CUPE 2950 Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education


Employer Representatives Work Area
Katy Ellsworth - AAPS Dean's Office
David Sequeira, Co-Chair - AAPS Dean's Office
Joel Kobylka, Co-Chair (Alternate) - AAPS Teacher Education Office
Anna Bin - AAPS Dean's Office
Amy Kao - AAPS Kinesiology
Shermilla Salgadoe (A) - AAPS Department of Educational Studies
Halton Lin - AAPS (Alternate) Kinesiology


Resources/Guests Work Area
Wendy Osborne (Guest) Education Library
Faustina Cheung (Administrator) Dean's Office

Terms of Reference

Provide academic oversight of the Masters of Educational Technology (MET) program academic matters such as staffing, curriculum, admissions;

Assure the academic integrity of the program;

Provide financial and management oversight regarding budgetary issues;

Identify needs, problems and solutions related to MET program curriculum, courses and graduate student matters;

Review curriculum proposals; course revisions; course schedule; peer reviews of teaching and student evaluation of teaching data;

Provide academic oversight in administration of admissions and student progress, including reviewing admissions files;

Make recommendations and participate in design of advertisements for new positions and instructional hiring;


Teresa Dobson (Chair)

Andreea Cervatiuc (LLED)

Owen Lo (ECPS)

Michael Marker (EDST)

Susan Gerofsky (EDCP)

Leah Macfadyen (MET Associate Director)

David Vogt (MET Academic Advisor)


Mary Bryson (DNSO)

Vanessa Smith(MET Manager)

David Roy (MET SPA)

Mark Edwards (PDCE)

Terms of Reference


Mary Bryson, Chair (DNSO)

Lynne Tomilnson (PDCE)

Shelley Hymel (ECPS)

Samson Nashon (EDCP)

Mona Gleason (EDST)

George Belliveau (LLED)

Marianne McTavish (TEO)

Vanessa Smith (PDCE)

Terms of Reference

The key objective of FERAC is to identify and support members of the Faculty’s professoriate that are promising candidates for local, national and international research awards and prizes. With representation from all four departments and the School of Kinesiology, committee members will liaise with their own units to learn about promising departmental awards nominees and disseminate information about upcoming award and prize competitions.


Dr. Mark Beauchamp, Chair, Professor (KIN) and Associate Dean, Research in Education
Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Professor (EDST)
Dr. Laura Hurd Clarke, Professor (KIN)
Dr. Peter Gouzouasis, Professor (EDCP)
Dr. Joseph Lucyshyn, Professor (ECPS)
Dr. Bonny Norton, Professor (LLED)
Robert Olaj, Faculty Research Awards Facilitator (ORE)


  • Dr. Jan Hare (Co-Chair), Associate Dean, Indigenous Education
  • Dr. Marianne McTavish (Co-Chair), Associate Dean, Teacher Education
  • Silvia Almanza Alonso, Assistant to the Head, ECPS
  • Dr. Surita Jhangiani, Instructor, ECPS
  • Dr. Shannon Leddy, Instructor, EDCP
  • Dr. Guofang Li, Professor, LLED
  • Dr. Moss Norman, Assistant Professor, KIN
  • Alexis Okabe, Program Advisor, NITEP
  • Marny Point, Lecturer & Campus Coordinator, NITEP
  • Dr. Karen Ragoonaden, Professor of Teaching, OSE
  • Dr. Bahar Tajrobehkar, Research Associate


  • Dr. Blye Frank, Dean & Professor
  • Michael Wilkinson (Staff Support – DNSO)


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


  • Dr. Patsy Duff, Associate Dean, Research
  • Dr. Jan Hare, Associate Dean, Indigenous Education
  • Dr. Lesley Andres, EDST
  • Dr. Nicola Hodges, KIN
  • Dr. Jennifer Jenson, LLED
  • Dr. Cynthia Nicol, EDCP
  • Dr. Bruno Zumbo, ECPS


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


  • Ms. Leah Baugh, Graduate Student (ECPS)
  • Dr. George Belliveau, Head/Professor, Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED)
  • Dr. Joanna Cannon, Associate Professor (ECPS)
  • Dr. Dan Cox, Associate Professor (ECPS)
  • Dr. Shawna Faber, Instructor (ECPS)
  • Dr. Janet Jamieson, Professor (ECPS)
  • Dr. Vicki Knight, Assistant Professor (ECPS)
  • Mr. Jesse Liang, Administrative Manager (ECPS)
  • Dr. Richard Young, Professor (ECPS)


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


Dr. Patricia Duff, Associate Dean, Research

Dr. Pierre Walter, EDST

Dr. Cynthia Nicol, EDCP

Dr. Jennifer Jenson, LLED

Dr. Nicola Hodges, KIN

Dr. Bruno Zumbo, ECPS


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


Dr. Robert Boushel, Director and Professor, School of Kinesiology (KIN)
Dr. Lisa Loutzenheiser, Associate Professor (EDCP)
Dr. Shannon Leddy, Assistant Professor of Teaching (EDCP)
Ms. Kirsty Robbins, Graphic Designer (EDCP)
Ms. Gunita Gupta, graduate student (EDCP)
Dr. David Anderson, Professor (EDCP)
Dr. Douglas Adler, Assistant Professor of Teaching (EDCP)
Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin, Professor (EDCP)
Dr. Peter Gouzouasis, Professor (EDCP)
Dr. Kerry Renwick, Associate Professor (EDCP)


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


Dr. Jennifer Shapka, Head and Professor (ECPS)
Dr. Ali Abdi, Professor (EDST)
Dr. Hongxia Shan, Associate Professor (EDST)
Ms. Shermila Salgadoe, Administrative Manager (EDST)
Ms. Shirley Hardman, graduate student (EDST)
Dr. Bathseba Opini, Assistant Professor of Teaching (EDST)
Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg, Professor (EDST)
Dr. Pierre Walter, Professor (EDST)
Dr. Sam Rocha, Associate Professor (EDST)
Dr. Michelle Stack, Associate Professor (EDST)
Dr. Deirdre Kelly, Professor (EDST)

Chris Spencer Foundation Professorship in Dyslexia


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


Dr. Patsy Duff, Associate Dean, Research and Professor (LLED)
Dr. Deb Butler, Professor (ECPS)

David F. Robitaille Professorship in Math and Science Education


Dr. Blye Frank, Dean


Dr. Patsy Duff, Associate Dean, Research and Professor (LLED)
Dr. Jillianne Code, Assistant Professor (EDCP)