October 2019

Celebratory Reception for Thelma Cook

October 30, 2019

Dr. Frank hosted a celebratory reception for Professor Emerita Dr. Thelma Cook, BEd’ 58, to acknowledge her receipt of the 2019 Faculty of Education Alumni Builder Award. Dr. Cook is receiving this year’s award for her consistent efforts to make studying at UBC more accessible for Indigenous students.

Faculty Recognition Celebration

October 29, 2019

Dr. Blye Frank recognized Education faculty members who received awards for Teaching, Service or Research in the past academic year.

UBC Killam Celebration and Luncheon

October 18, 2019

The Dean attended the UBC Killam Celebration and Luncheon for recipients of the Killam Awards. Nine outstanding scholars from the Faculty of Education were honoured:

Killam Faculty Research Fellowship
Dr. Amy Metcalfe, Department of Educational Studies

Killam Teaching Prize
Dr. Margot Filipenko, Department of Language and Literacy Education
Dr. Samuel Rocha, Department of Educational Studies

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (Renewed Fellows)
Dr. Calvin Kuo, School of Kinesiology
Dr. Petra Mikulan, Department of Educational Studies

Killam Doctoral Scholarships (New Scholars)
Leah Baugh, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Joshua Bovard, School of Kinesiology
Travis Fuchs, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Monica Shank, Department of Language and Literacy Education

Killam Doctoral Scholarships (Renewed Scholars)
Amber Moore, Department of Language and Literacy Education
Pramod Sah, Department of Language and Literacy Education
Samantha Tsuruda, Department of Educational Studies

Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards
Kay Hare, Department of Language and Literacy Education
Ben Hives, School of Kinesiology

Since 1975, the Killam Trusts have awarded almost 7,000 scholarships and fellowships to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty at Killam institutions across Canada.

Transformative Educational Leadership Program (TELP) – Curiosity and Courage

October 18, 2019

Dr. Frank presented to the TELP-5 cohort on Friday, sharing his insights and perspectives with the group. TELP offers a blended approach to teacher education, combining face-to-face and online interactions with weekend retreats throughout the year.

Life Commitment 10th Anniversary

October 18, 2019

Dr. Frank attended Life Commitment 2019, a 10th Anniversary event hosted by the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation. The event benefits the Dr. Peter Centre, a foundation that provides support for those living with HIV/AIDS, addiction, or mental illness – and in many cases, all three.

Public Presentation – Dr. Robert Boushel

October 17, 2019

Dr. Frank attended Dr. Boushel’s public presentation as part of the reappointment process for the Director of the School of Kinesiology. Dr. Boushel presented his administrative achievements over his first term, along with his vision and plan for the School for the next five years.

National Wellness Forum Evening Social

October 17, 2019

Dr. Frank welcomed attendees of the National Wellness Forum in Ponderosa Commons Ballroom. The collaborative work of the Faculty, the Okanagan School of Education, the Werklund School of Education, and Ever Active Schools aided attendees in exploring how the Okanagan Charter: An international Charter for Health Promoting University and Colleges, calls upon post-secondary schools to prioritize health promotion and wellbeing institution-wide.

Education Students’ Association Lunch

October 16, 2019

Dr. Frank hosted a lunch for the Education Students’ Association as a welcome to the 2019-2020 Academic Year. This annual event allows Dr. Frank the opportunity to talk with the student representatives of the Bachelor of Education Teacher Program.

UBC Senate

October 16, 2019

The Dean attended UBC Vancouver Senate for the month of October as part of his role as Dean of the Faculty of Education. Joined by other members of the UBC Executive Team, the group discusses broader goals and initiatives pertaining to the UBC Vancouver campus.

Why Should I Care? Refugees and Canada in 2019 – A Community Dialogue

October 15, 2019

Dr. Frank attended an event at Robson Square titled, “Why Should Care? Refugees and Canada in 2019.” A prominent topic in today’s current events, this community dialogue aided the discussion of what refugees coming to Canada and BC means to our society.

BC Teachers’ Council (BCTC) Evening Reception

October 10, 2019

Dr. Frank attended the BCTC’s evening reception to celebrate their recently established Professional Standards for BC Educators and the ratification of the Teacher Education Program Approval and Framework.

Morning Tea with the Dean

October 8, 2019

Dr. Frank hosted Tea with the Dean in Ponderosa Multipurpose Room. The Dean’s annual event creates an opportunity for staff to socialize and speak to Dr. Frank about topics and ideas that might not otherwise have a space to be shared.

President’s Leadership Forum

October 4, 2019

Dr. Frank and members of the UBC Executive Team joined President Ono for an afternoon of conversation around topics of strategic importance to the University. This year’s Forum focused on the Wellbeing Framework and the Indigenous Strategic Plan.

Conversations with the Dean

October 3, 2019

Dr. Frank hosted Conversations with the Dean in Ponderosa Commons kitchen to speak with faculty members. The Dean’s annual event creates an opportunity for new and returning faculty members to talk with the Dean and discuss topics and ideas in an informal and social setting.

Deans’ Council

October 2 – 16, 2019

Dr. Frank videoconferenced into the Deans’ Council meeting at the UBC Okanagan campus Wednesday morning. Deans from several of the university’s faculties meet once every two weeks providing advice to the Provost on issues related to teaching and research at the UBC Okanagan campus.

Task Force on Cross-Campus Collaboration Meetings

October 2 – 16, 2019

This month, Dr. Frank chaired two meetings of the Task Force on Cross-Campus Collaboration. These meetings focused on bi-campus relations in the Finance Office and Development and Alumni Engagement. The Task Force was established to create recommendations on how the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses might better harness the synergies between the two campuses, with the aim to complete the work in March 2020.

President’s Service Award & President’s Service Award for Excellence Reception

October 2, 2019

Dr. Frank attended a ceremony and reception for recipients of President’s Service Award & President’s Service Award for Excellence Reception. The Faculty’s Assistant Dean, Finance, Ms. Clara Ng, received the President’s Service Award for Excellence.
Each year five UBC staff receive with this prestigious award, which recognizes excellence in personal achievements and contributions to the University.

A Special Plaque Presentation to the Musqueam People Commemorating UBC’s Statement of Apology

October 2, 2019

Dr. Frank travelled to the Musqueam Cultural Centre to witness the University’s presentation of a plaque commemorating the Statement of Apology that took place April 9, 2018. In conjunction with Orange Shirt Day two days prior, these events serve as a reminder of the commitment UBC has made to learn from our mistakes, and together with the Musqueam People, continue to move forward.

Deans’ Breakfast

October 1, 2019

Dr. Frank attended breakfast with the other UBC Vancouver campus deans at the Sauder School of Business early Tuesday morning. The deans gathered to discuss issues and share ideas as a group; the Deans’ breakfast creates another opportunity for greater collaboration across the faculties.