Nominations are now closed. We are now in the process of reviewing proposals brought before the Advisory Committee to the Dean for Tier 1 CRC: Indigenous Education - Indigenous Resurgence and Engagement and Tier 1 CRC: Area to be defined.

Members of the Advisory Committee to the Dean:

  • Dr. Blye Frank (Chair)
  • Dr. Robert Boushel (KIN)
  • Dr. Mona Gleason (EDST)
  • Dr. Shelley Hymel (ECPS)
  • Dr. Samson Nashon (EDCP)
  • Dr. Anthony Paré (LLED)

Canada Research Chairs – Call for Two Internal Nominations

Faculty of Education at UBC (Vancouver) invites nomination proposals for two new Tier 1 SSHRC Canada Research Chairs (social sciences and humanities) through internal searches from eligible individuals – self-nomination – in any of the following academic units with full-time faculty appointments (EDST, ECPS, LLED, EDCP or KIN).

Available Tier 1 CRC Chairs

  • Tier 1 CRC: Indigenous Education - Indigenous Resurgence and Engagement

The successful candidate will be a strong, innovative, and culturally-grounded researcher with demonstrated expertise in Indigenous education priorities that advance themes reflected in Indigenous resurgence and engagement that include, but are not limited to, resistance, reclamation, revitalization, and renewal with the goal of transforming practices, institutions, communities, and/or relations. The applicant will have a solid knowledge of research that involves post-colonial, decolonization, and Indigenous critical theories, pedagogies, and methodologies. It is anticipated that the successful candidate will embrace social justice, ecological, cultural, and community-oriented perspectives in approaches in Indigenous knowledges and methodologies.

  • Tier 1 CRC: Area To be Defined

The successful candidate will be outstanding and innovative world-class researchers whose accomplishments have made a major impact in their fields; be recognized internationally as leaders in their fields; have superior records of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (taking into account different practices in the relevant field or discipline) and, as chairholders, be expected to attract, develop and retain excellent trainees, students and future researchers; and be proposing an original, innovative research program of the highest quality.

Institutional Priorities

We aim to attract leading researchers to these positions to build on existing strengths in the Faculty and to expand into new areas of importance. We seek research, leadership, and mentorship that will stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations within the Faculty,

Tier 1 Chairs are tenable for seven years and are renewable once upon review by national and international peers. The successful applicant will be nominated by the Dean to the University for a Canada Research Chair and, as stated in the Terms of Reference (, and the nomination is subject to review by the CRC Secretariat.


Nomination proposals will be adjudicated by a committee chaired by the Dean and comprising Associate Deans and all of the Unit Heads and Directors. Once the nominations have been received and reviewed at the outset, the Nomination Adjudication Committee may recommend that the group be augmented by senior scholars.

See the full position posting here.

Members of the Advisory Committee to the Dean:

  • Dr. Blye Frank (Chair)
  • Dr. Deborah Butler (ECPS)
  • Dr. Joanna Cannon (ECPS)
  • Dr. Heather Frost (ORE)
  • Mr. Robert Olaj (ORE)
  • Dr. Eli Puterman (KIN)
  • Dr. Jan Hare (NITEP) - non-voting member

Members of the Advisory Committee to the Dean:

    • Dr. Blye Frank, Dean (Chair)
    • Ms. Lisa Altan, Administrative Manager (LLED) – appointed
    • Dr. Jim Anderson, Professor (LLED) – appointed
    • Dr. Reginald D'Silva, Senior Instructor (LLED) - appointed
    • Dr. Patsy Duff, Professor (LLED) - appointed
    • Mr. Ashley Moore, Doctoral Student (LLED) – appointed
    • Dr. Samson Nashon, Head and Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP) - appointed
    • Dr. Marlene Asselin, Associate Professor  (LLED) – nominated
    • Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc, Instructor (LLED) – nominated
    • Dr. Teresa Dobson, Professor (LLED) – nominated
    • Dr. Candace Galla, Assistant Professor (LLED) - nominated
    • Dr. Derek Gladwin, Assistant Professor (LLED) - nominated
    • Dr. Guofang Li, Professor (LLED) - nominated
    • Dr. Meike Wernicke, Assistant Professor (LLED) - nominated

For more information about the candidate's presentation, now available online, please click here.

Feedback Form for the Search for the Head of LLED – Dr. George Belliveau

See the full position posting here.

Members of the Advisory Committee to the Dean:

  • Dr. Janet Jamieson (Chair, ECPS)
  • Dr. Joseph Lucyshyn (ECPS)
  • Dr. Kim Zebehazy (ECPS)
  • Dr. Michael Marker (EDST)
  • Dr. Richard Young (ECPS)
  • Dr. Tal Jarus (Faculty of Medicine - external member)
  • Ms. Karen Kester (Doctoral Student Representative)

Feedback Form for Dorothy Lam Chair Candidate - Dr. Nancy Perry

See the full position posting here.

Members of the Advisory Committee to the Dean:

  • Dr. Anita Hubley (Chair, ECPS)
  • Dr. Bruno Zumbo (ECPS)
  • Dr. Mona Gleason (EDST)
  • Dr. Sterett Mercer (ECPS)
  • Dr. William Borgen (ECPS)
  • Dr. Mieke Koehoorn (Faculty of Medicine - external member)  
  • Ms. Ayumi Sasaki (Doctoral Student Representative)

Feedback Form for Myrne B. Nevison Professorship in Counselling Psychology Candidate - Dr. Daniel Cox

See the full position posting here.