Mental Health Literacy

Two freely accessible online courses, LEARN and TEACH, provide a mental health literacy foundation for educators (with downloadable best-evidence-based curriculum resources).


One in five young people suffer from a mental illness issue and a significant portion of those inflicted are a part of the student population at many universities. It often presents during adolescence and, if left unrecognized and untreated, can lead to considerable negative outcomes in physical and mental health, academic and vocational achievement, interpersonal relationships and other important life domains1.

The University of British Columbia is improving mental health literacy among its teacher candidates, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need as educators. Read more…


Provincial Mental Health Literacy Professional Development

UBC Faculty of Education is spearheading, with Dr. Stanley Kutcher and Dr. Yifeng Wei, a provincial professional development strategy whereby BC school districts implement a mental health literacy program based on expert training and a cascading district trainer and school-based Go-To Educator model. 58 out of the 60 BC school districts have taken part in Core Trainer Institutes.  Read more…

Details and registration info for two upcoming summer institutes: Intro to School Mental Health Literacy (July 2-3) & ‘Go To’ Educator Pro D Institute (July 4-5).