Task Force on Race, Indigeneity, and Social Justice


  • Dr. Jan Hare (Co-Chair), Associate Dean, Indigenous Education
  • Dr. Marianne McTavish (Co-Chair), Associate Dean, Teacher Education
  • Silvia Almanza Alonso, Assistant to the Head, ECPS
  • Dr. Surita Jhangiani, Assistant Professor of Teaching, ECPS
  • Dr. Shannon Leddy, Assistant Professor of Teaching, EDCP
  • Dr. Guofang Li, Professor, LLED
  • Dr. Moss Norman, Assistant Professor, KIN
  • Alexis Okabe, Program Advisor, NITEP
  • Marny Point, Lecturer & Campus Coordinator, NITEP
  • Dr. Karen Ragoonaden, Professor of Teaching, OSE
  • Dr. Bahar Tajrobehkar, Research Associate


  • Dr. Blye Frank, Dean & Professor
  • Michael Wilkinson (Staff Support – DNSO)

Mandate and Terms of Reference
Ways of Working Together

January 2021 Statement

Introducing Dr. Bahar Tajrobehkar

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