Gift of Sharing with United Way

Two dedicated UBC staff are leading the Faculty of Education to build community and help those in need through a fun, annual BBQ.

Jacinta Harris-Marcadier (left) and Saroj Chand (right) at the 4th Annual United Way BBQ at UBC

Jacinta Harris-Marcadier (left) and Saroj Chand (right) at the 4th Annual United Way BBQ at UBC

For the past four years, Jacinta Harris-Marcadier, Executive Administrator with the Dean’s Office, and Saroj Chand, Administrative Manager for the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, have organized annual fundraising events to benefit the United Way.

“I’m always doing fundraisers, it’s part of who I am,” says Jacinta when asked about her involvement with the United Way fundraiser. “The volunteers come back each year. They come for the fun!”

497 bbq

This year, the duo lead a team of volunteers from the UBC Faculty of Education and raised $1456 for United Way. Volunteers prepared, cooked and served staff, students and faculty members from across the UBC Point Grey campus. The much anticipated event draws a large number of staff and faculty volunteers, as well as crowds from the UBC community, each year. This year was no exception, with hungry people lining up for burgers and drinks.

“People are very excited about the event and the volunteers want to be a part of it each year,” says Saroj. “This year, there were really good people cooking and volunteering. It was really good!”

500 bbq

Both Jacinta and Saroj are passionate about supporting the United Way. “With the United Way, people don’t realise that you get to direct where you want your money to go. You have a huge say,” says Jacinta. The United Way works to strengthen the community’s capacity to address social issues, and build a healthy, caring and inclusive community. Each year, the United Way works with 160 community partners and funds 500 programs directed towards children and seniors.

To support the United Way and learn more about monthly paycheque deductions, visit United Way.

Photography By: Julie Oya, Teacher Education Office