Honouring Janusz Korczak’s Legacy at UBC

On November 2nd, the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada unveiled a bronze relief in the Scarfe lobby to honour Janusz Korczak’s legacy in the area of children’s rights.

korczak 1

The famous Polish-Jewish educator is known for his children’s writing, pedagogy, and activism, which inspired the authors of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989). Several dignitaries were in attendance, including the Consul of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Krzysztof Czapla, and Professor Anna Kindler, Vice Provost at UBC.

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Dr. Mark Edwards, Assistant Dean, Professional Development & Community Engagement, opened the special event on behalf of the Faculty of Education. The unveiling was followed by a conference titled, Janusz Korczak: His Legacy and Children’s Rights, which included papers by researchers involved in early childhood education and on Korczak’s work.

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Visit the Janusz Korczak memorial relief and poster display at the Neville Scarfe Building, 2125 Main Mall, UBC. Learn more about the Janusz Korczak legacy here.