In the Media: Remembering Heritage Minutes

Heritage Minutes, launched by the CRB Foundation in the early 1990s, are coming back to a television near you.

On October 10, 2012, Dr. Peter Seixas, Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Faculty of Education, was featured on CBC’s The National.

Any Canadian over the age of 20 likely recalls the “Heritage Minutes.” The “Minutes” began airing on TV and movie screens in the early ’90s, launched by the CRB Foundation with the goal to enhance Canadianism.

“They’re so powerful, so engaging, so memorable,” said UBC Education professor, Peter Seixas, who has used the “Minutes” in high school and university classrooms. Neverless, Sexias worries storylines get accepted as historical fact when they’re really just an entry point to history.

“The goals we have for an education citizen, in a democracy, has to be many steps beyond the consumer of pre-packaged messages.”

Watch the segment on The National here.