In the News: BC’s Grade 4 Students are Top of the Class

Recent assessment tests show that BC’s Grade 4 students are among the strongest readers in the world.

Charles Ungerleider, Professor in Educational Studies at the UBC Faculty of Education, spoke about teaching and assessment in a recent Vancouver Sun article on the subject.

Read an excerpt from the story by Christopher Reynolds below:

Canada’s relatively high scores comes as no surprise to Charles Ungerleider, professor in the department of educational studies at the University of B.C.

“Every time there’s an international assessment, Canada does quite well. And I think this is a tribute to teachers,” he said.

Over the past 25 years, Ungerleider has watched “a change in instructional practices,” which he says have steadily improved test results.

“Waiting to fail – that doesn’t happen anymore. Teachers are intervening from the get-go if they see students struggling – even in kindergarten or Grade 1 – and helping students improve.

Read the full story in the Vancouver Sun here.