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Dr. Carl E. James Video Interview 2013/03/01

An interview with Dr. Carl E. James, Director of the York Centre for Education and Community conducted by Dr. Annette Henry, Head, Language and Literacy Education. February 8, 2013, event co-presented by the Department of Language and Literacy Education and the Faculty of Education. More

New Research: Volunteer Adolescents Enjoy Healthier Hearts 2013/02/26

Giving back through volunteering is good for your heart, even at a young age, according to a new study by researchers from the UBC Faculty of Education and Department of Psychology. More

Queer Paraphrase: A Social Justice at UBC Lecture

Social Justice @ UBC Noted Scholars Lecture Series presents Dr. Stephen Guy-Bray for a lunchtime talk that looks at the idea of paraphrase and the relationship between art and experience. In this paper, Dr. Guy-Bray argues that the concept of the paraphrase allows us to reconsider popular and frequently unexamined ideas about the relationship between […] More

Modernism for Children: A Symposium on Maurice Sendak and Children’s Writing

Join this special tribute to one of the greatest 20th century picturebook creators, Maurice Sendak. Date: Friday, March 1, 2013 Time: 3:30 – 6:30 pm Location: Dodson Room, Room 302, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, 1961 East Mall, UBC Celebrate the work of children’s author, Maurice Sendak, at this symposium that includes book talks, readings […] More

Can Native Languages Survive in English-Speaking Societies? 2013/02/23

Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Bonny Norton, was featured in a special story on CBC Radio about keeping native languages alive in English schools and society. Professor Norton, who teaches in the Department of Language and Literacy in the UBC Faculty of Education, discussed new census statistics and was joined by Feneila Sung from the […] More

Sexual Orientation and Identity in Hollywood

Do celebrities have an obligation to publicly “come out?” American actress Jodie Foster received mixed reviews for her recent speech at the Golden Globe Awards. Professor Bonny Norton speaks in favour of Foster’s speech and discusses how everyone has multiple identities. Read an excerpt from the Letter to the Editor: “The challenge for educators is […] More

Public Lecture: The Top 7 Reasons Why Smart Women Should Speak Up 2013/02/19

Just how scarce are women’s perspectives in the public discourse, and what’s behind their absence? Join Shari Graydon, award-winning author, activist and founder of Informed Opinions for a stimulating lecture that explores women’s participation in the news, the causes and consequences of the current gender gap, and challenges women to see themselves as an important part of the solution. Event […] More

Faculty of Education Alumni Recognized with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award

The UBC Faculty of Education congratulates our alumni who were recognized with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. More

Dr. Tom Sork Makes a Global Impact With International Education Initiatives

UBC’s Faculty of Education is making a global impact on how the world learns and teaches. Our experts travel to global communities to share their expertise, while students and faculty from across the world come to study and teach at UBC. More

Graham Kelsey Awarded Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2013/02/12

Congratulations to Faculty of Education Emeritus Graham Kelsey on receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. More

Tim Laidler Receives Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award

Recognized for his service to the country and his local community, Tim Laidler, was recently honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award in Vancouver. A veteran of the Canadian Forces, Tim Laidler is Executive Director of the recently formed Veterans Transition Network. He received the prestigious award on January 22, 2013, from the […] More

UBC Professor Talks About Education Policy 2013/02/11

Professor Charles Ungerleider was featured on CBC Radio’s Daybreak South, where he spoke about the Province of British Columbia’s proposed changes to education policy. The province is proposing a ten-year contract and key changes to how teaching and regulation will take pace in BC. Listen Dr. Ungerleider, Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at […] More

Nominations Now Open: Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence

Have you received outstanding service from a Faculty of Education staff member? Show your appreciation and nominate them for the Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence. Each year, the Dean extends the Faculty’s appreciation for the valuable contributions of our staff through the Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence. Staff are recognized for their dedication, leadership and […] More

Call for Proposals: Investigating Our Practices Conference 2013/02/10

Exchange ideas on teaching in the classroom, curriculum and research at the 16th Annual Investigating Our Practices Conference. More

Students Share the Value of Inter-cultural Experiences 2013/02/07

Two Faculty of Education students speak about the value of having classmates from around the world. More

February is Black History Month 2013/02/01

Learn more: Black History in Canada Education Guide from the The Historica-Dominion Institute. Events Community, Race, Class and Schooling: A Conversation with Dr. Carl E. James To celebrate Black History Month, Dr. Ryuko Kubota and Sara Schroeter will host a conversation with Dr. Carl E. James on his latest book, “Life at the Intersection: Community, Class […] More

Wade Grant Honoured with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2013/01/24

He’s making a difference in local communities. Musqueam Councillor Wade Grant was recently recognized for his dedicated community service with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Wade Grant is a UBC alumnus (BA Political Science, 2002) and is currently a member of the Faculty of Education Dean’s External Advisory Committee. He was first elected […] More

New MA Program in Educational Studies Launched 2013/01/08

Social justice is a key pillar of the re-launched MA Program in Educational Studies. Join world class researchers, instructors and students at the UBC Faculty of Education. Offering degree programs that combine academic rigour, leading research and practical skills, Faculty of Education graduates move on to be inspiring teachers, influential researchers and leaders in public […] More

In the News: Creating citizens who are empathetic

Research by Associate Professor Kimberly Schonert-Reichl was recently featured in a Globe & Mail article on the need for schools to create empathetic citizens. Read an excerpt from the commentary by Nikhil Goyal: “It’s remarkable to see how babies remake these kids. In a wonderful piece for the New York Times, after observing Roots of […] More

In the News: BC’s Grade 4 Students are Top of the Class

Recent assessment tests show that BC’s Grade 4 students are among the strongest readers in the world. Charles Ungerleider, Professor in Educational Studies at the UBC Faculty of Education, spoke about teaching and assessment in a recent Vancouver Sun article on the subject. Read an excerpt from the story by Christopher Reynolds below: Canada’s relatively […] More

In the News: The role of social isolation in crime

Professor Shelley Hymel comments on the role of social isolation and “loners” in response to the tragic shooting at a Newtown, Conneticut elementary school. Read an excerpt from the December 18, 2012 story by Fabiola Carletti for below: Shelley Hymel, a professor at the University of British Columbia who studies child and social development, […] More

We’re Moving: Department of Educational Studies

The Department of Educational Studies (EDST) in Ponderosa Annex H has moved to 1933 West Mall (WMAX) effective December 14, 2012. Most faculty members’ offices, two classrooms and the computer lab are situated in this new location. Please visit campus Wayfinding to see the temporary location until the move to the new Education at Ponderosa Commons, expected in 2015.   All EDST […] More

UBC Education Alumnus Spreads Literacy in Afghanistan 2013/01/03

Lauryn Oates believes that literacy is the key to helping Afghanistan achieve permanent stability, security and gender equality. Since 2008, Lauryn Oates has worked with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan), to spread literacy and life skills to under-educated children, youth and women. The dedicated CW4WAfghan projects director recently graduated with a PhD in Language […] More

In the News: Kindness Matters

A research study by Professor Kimberly Schonert-Reichl on bullying and kindness was recently featured in a number of international publications. More

In the News: Anti-Bullying Strategies Are Elusive

Professor Shelley Hymel was recently included in a story about anti-bullying strategies across Canada. From the Ottawa Citizen article published on December 7, 2012: The wide variation between policies might not necessarily be a bad thing, says University of British Columbia professor Shelley Hymel, as long as governments and schools are adopting strategies based on […] More

In the News: Suicide Rates Among Aboriginal Youth

Disconnection from land and culture are key reasons for high rates of suicide among aboriginal youth. Two Faculty of Education researchers, Sharon Thira and Rod McCormick, were recently featured in The Vancouver Sun. Both are researchers with Kloshe Tillicum – The Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research for BC and the Yukon, in the Department of […] More

In the News: How to Cover Youth Suicide in the Media

Educational Studies Associate Professor, Michelle Stack, writes about media coverage of youth suicides in a special commentary in the Globe & Mail newspaper. Read an excerpt from the December 12, 2012, article: In the late 1990s, as a communications director for the BC Children’s Commission, an office that investigated child deaths, I worked with journalists […] More

Preventing Bullying Starts with Kindness and Peer Acceptance 2013/01/02

Children who make an effort to perform acts of kindness are happier and experience greater acceptance from their peers. More

Teach Teachers to Be Advocates

Dean Blye Frank was recently featured in a special series on “Inspiring Ideas for 2013” in The Tyee. Read an excerpt from the story by Katie Hyslop below: When asked if teachers in training, facing increasing student needs in an under-resourced education system, should learn to be fundraisers in school, University of British Columbia Education […] More

Join the Fitness Challenge with Walkabout

The UBC Faculty of Education is launching its 7th Annual walking challenge, Walkabout 2013. Launching on January 16, 2013, Walkabout is an annual tradition at the Faculty of Education. Teams of staff, students, faculty, and community members participate in a nine-week walking challenge to promote good health and fitness in the new year. How To […] More