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In the Media: Tech supplement: the iclicker 2012/10/03

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin was featured in The Ubyssey recently, and discussed the use of “clickers” in the classroom. From the September 12, 2012 article by Coral Kasirer: Before the age of clickers, Milner-Bolotin recalls students raising coloured cards to signal their answer to a multiple choice question asked in class. These ABC or colour cards, […] More

In the Media: Dr. Mary Bryson’s LGBT Cancer Care Study

Dr. Mary Bryson’s CIHR-funded project looks at LGBT cancer care. Read an excerpt from article published in The Vancouver Sun on August 3, 2012 by Erin Ellis: Doctors receive about three hours of training on how to treat “sexually diverse” people and that means health risks are often overlooked, says a University of B.C. researcher. […] More

In the Media: Dr. Don Krug on Curriculum Changes

BC’s Ministry of Education is planning big changes to the K–12 curriculum. Dr. Don Krug, Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, was interviewed on CBC Radio’s The Early Edition on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. “Teachers have been using concepts for many, many years so I’m not sure that that is actually a novel […] More

In the media: Clickers Help Teachers in the Classroom

Dr. Marina Milner-Botolin was featured in The Globe and Mail, where she discussed the use of clickers in the classroom. From the May 3, 2012 edition, written by Anne McIlroy: “At the University of British Columbia, Marina Milner-Bolotin and her colleagues are putting together a database of clicker questions for the science and math curriculums […] More

The Role of the Teacher at UBC Dialogues 2012/10/02

Who is responsible for our children? Last month, Dr. Blye Frank, Dean and Professor at the Faculty of Education, participated in UBC Dialogues, a special panel discussion on the state of education and the role of teachers, organized by UBC Alumni Affairs. Moderated by CBC Radio’s Kathryn Gretsinger, the panel included professionals involved in teaching […] More

Beijing Normal University Visit

The Faculty of Education welcomed six professors from the Beijing Normal University’s Faculty of Education (BNU) this week. The visit included Dean Shi Zhongying and professors from the BNU Faculty of Education, who joined the Faculty of Education’s Dean’s Office to discuss possible collaborations between UBC and BNU. This visit from BNU is part of […] More

Year of Indigenous Education 2012/10/01

The Faculty of Education is proud to announce the launch of the Year of Indigenous Education for 2012/13.  Launching October 11, 2012, The Year of Indigenous Education brings students, community members, faculty, teachers, and leaders together to explore and celebrate issues related to Indigenous Education. The year of activities began with the Indigenous Education summer […] More

Alumni Profile: Brock Tully

Brock Tully is on a mission to prevent bullying, cruelty and violence in our world. Brock Tully’s inspirational story began forty-two years ago, when he left his family and friends in West Vancouver to embark on a life-changing bike trip across North America. Over a six-month period, he travelled 10,000 miles across thirty-three states in […] More

Bonny Norton Awarded Distinguished Scholar in Residence 2012/09/17

Professor Bonny Norton will be the Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Dr. Norton will research projects from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies during the 2013/2014 academic year. A Distinguished University Scholar, Dr. Norton works as an applied linguist and language educator with the Department of Language and Literacy […] More

Meet Anne Pound

Meet Anne Pound, Admissions Officer with the Teacher Education Office in the Faculty of Education. For the last three years, Anne has helped future teachers navigate the world of applications, enrollment and entering the Bachelor of Education program. Anne’s position also involes recruiting and advising potential applicants, evaluating student applications, and making admission decisions. Fun […] More

New Appointments

UBC Faculty of Education Congratulates Faculty on Recent Appointments Congratulations to the following faculty who were recently appointed to new positions: Dr. Cash Ahenakew | Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Department of Educational Studies (EDST) Dr. Hongxia Shan | Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Department of Educational Studies (EDST) Dr. Sandrine Han | Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Department of Curriculum […] More