Elisabeth Tower, MET ’15

Educator and social activator, Elisabeth Tower is a passionate educator for raising cultural awareness on immigration to the public.

She completed her Masters of Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia in 2015. For the nine years leading up to her graduation, Tower has done a remarkable job as the Education Manager at Canada’s Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 by enhancing the programming to become more international in scope. In particular, she has created “Immigration Remixed: The Road Show” which has brought education about immigration to classrooms throughout Nova Scotia. This program demonstrated the material and non-material cultural practices of new Canadians as they maneuvered through the challenging experience of leaving their homelands and arriving in a new physical and cultural environment.

Other innovative programs that Tower has spearheaded include “Teddy Bear’s Journey,” “Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation Course,” and “Cultural Awareness Relationship Education.” In addition to creating these programs, she is an active blogger on issues of cultural awareness on such topics as “The Importance of CARE (Cultural Awareness Relationship Education)” and “Call Me Alternative: Education Internships Outside the Box.”