Dr. Kristina Llewellyn, PhD ’06

Author and public intellectual, Kristina Llewellyn broke new ground in the study of gender equality, oral history, and the history of education. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia in 2006.

In 2012, she authored Democracy’s Angels: The Work of Women Teachers, a book based on her award-winning UBC dissertation. It was the first-ever examination of the limits of educational democracy for women educators in the history of Canadian schooling. The Canadian Oral History Reader, which she co-edited and published in 2015, is the first primer on oral history scholarship ever produced in Canada.

She is the author of dozens of journal articles and conference papers, as well as seven refereed book chapters. One of her articles was awarded a 2012 Outstanding Publication in Curriculum Studies from the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies. A book to which she contributed a chapter was recognized with a Critics’ Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association.

In 2015 Llewellyn won the Marion Dewar Prize of the Canadian Historical Association, given to an outstanding scholar in the area of women’s history. Her award citation noted the strength of her research, teaching, and administrative work.

Now an associate professor of social development studies, she has spoken at more than 20 national and international conferences during her career, and currently serves as president of the Canadian History of Education Association.