Dr. Wendy Carr, MEd ’97

Leader in French education, Wendy Carr is the current associate dean of Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia and a recognized champion of second language education. Since beginning her career as an educator in the public school system, she has gone on to develop new education programs, conduct groundbreaking research on language learning methodology, and prepare educators to inspire French learning in British Columbia’s classrooms.

In 1995, partway through her 30-year public teaching career, Carr began lecturing at UBC’s Faculty of Education on French language learning while embarking on a Master of Education in 1997 from the University of British Columbia. Carr continued her research efforts during her doctoral work and published several articles and chapters, delivered over 60 teacher workshops and scholarly presentations, and authored six French second language texts used in classrooms across Canada.

While producing an extensive body of academic work, Carr remained an educator and is currently a tenured faculty member in the Department of Language and Literacy Education. She has been repeatedly recognized as a talented instructor and dedicated mentor. In 2008 she received the Faculty of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, and more recently was conferred the Murray Elliot Outstanding Contribution to the Teacher Education Program Award.

In addition to her roles as instructor, researcher, and administrator at UBC, she assumed significant responsibilities within the broader educator community. Since 2007, Carr has volunteered with the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, where she is currently the acting president and serves as Canadian expert representative for language associations at the European Centre of Modern Languages. She previously served as president of the BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages and member of the BC Ministry of Education French Curriculum Writing Committee.