Special Issue / Numéro Spécial : Historical Studies in Education / Revue d’histoire l’éducation

Spring / printemps 2017 Special Issue >>

HSE-RHÉ Editors:
Penney Clark (UBC) and Mona Gleason (UBC)

Guest Editors:
Alison Norman (Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and Trent University) and Thomas Peace (Huron University College)

In this Issue:

Special Feature / Contribution spéciale
  • In Memoriam: E. Lisa Panayotidis, 1960–2016 | Paul Stortz
Special Issue – Introduction
  • Revisiting the Histories of Indigenous Schooling and Literacies / Un regard renouvelé sur l’histoire de l’éducation des Autochtones | Jean Barman
Special Issue – Articles
  • Borderlands, Primary Sources, and the Longue Durée: Contextualizing Colonial Schooling at Odanak, Lorette, and Kahnawake, 1600–1850 | Thomas Peace
  • “Teachers Amongst their own People”: Kanyen’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Women Teachers in Nineteenth-Century Tyendinaga and Grand River, Ontario | Alison Norman
  • Settler Anxiety and State Support for Missionary Schooling in Colonial British Columbia, 1849 –1871 | Sean Carleton
  • Mamook Kom’tax Chinuk Pipa / Learning to Write Chinook Jargon: Indigenous Peoples and Literacy Strategies in the South Central Interior of British Columbia in the Late 19th Century | Emma Battell Lowman
  • “Unlike their Playmates of Civilization, the Indian Children’s Recreation must be Cultivated and Developed”:The Administration of Physical Education at Pelican Lake Indian Residential School, 1926–1944 | Braden Paora Te Hiwi
Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus
  • Jean-Philippe Croteau, Les commissions scolaires montréalaises et torontoises et les immigrants, 1875–1960 | Jocelyne Murray
  • François-Olivier Dorais, Un historien dans la cité : Gaétan Gervais et l’Ontario français | Mathieu Arsenault
  • Helen Raptis with members of the Tsimshian Nation, What We Learned: Two Generations Reflect on Tsimshian Education and the Day Schools | E Brian Titley
  • Jean Barman, Abenaki Daring: The Life and Writings of Noel Annance, 1792–1869 | Thomas Peace
  • Joseph A. Merasty and David Carpenter (contributor), The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir | Ian Mosby
  • Deirdre Raftery and Elizabeth M. Smyth eds., Education, Identity and Women Religious, 1800–1950 | Joyce Goodman
  • E. Lisa Panayotidis and Paul Stortz eds., Women in Higher Education, 1850–1970: International Perspectives | Patrick Dilley
  • David W. Livingstone, ed., Liberal Education, Civic Education, and the Canadian Regime | Ken Osborne
  • Duncan McDowall, Queen’s University Volume III 1961–2004: Testing Tradition | Chris Hyland
  • A.J. Angulo, Diploma Mills: How For-Profit Colleges Stiffed Students, Taxpayers, and the American Dream | Paul Axelrod
  • Leah N. Gordon, From Power to Prejudice: The Rise of Racial Individualism in Midcentury America | Jon Hale
  • Ansley T. Erickson, Making the Unequal Metropolis: School Desegregation and Its Limits | Ebony Duncan Shippy
  • Kristina R. Llewellyn, Alexander Freund, and Nolan Reilly, eds., The Canadian Oral History Reader | Heidi MacDonald
  • Cecilia Morgan, Commemorating Canada: History, Heritage, and Memory, 1850s-1990s | Alan Gordon
CHEA / ACHÉ 2016
  • 2016 Canadian History of Education Association Award Recipients

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