Students Share the Value of Inter-cultural Experiences

In a recent issue of UBC Reports, two Faculty of Education students speak about the value of having classmates from around the world.

From the story “In Their Own Words” by Heather Amos:

532 williams

Elisabeth Williams
Hometown: Abbotsford, BC
Master of Arts, Dept. of Language and Literacy Education, UBC’s Vancouver campus
Coordinator, UBC Tandem Language Exchange; Professional Development Committee, Global Lounge; LLED Film Discussion Group

“I am the Coordinator of the Tandem UBC Language Exchange and as a participant of the program I meet with a student on exchange through the UBC-Ritsumeikan program. By taking the roles of both student and expert, my partner and I aid each other’s language progress in a collaborative and supportive environment. I also believe our close relationship has helped us expand our perceptions of life in both Canada and Japan.”

531 zhang

Kevin Zhang
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
5th year Kinesiology, UBC’s Vancouver campus

President, Chinese Varsity Club

“Everyone is comfortable in their niche with people from the same background, speaking the same languages. But these days, students want to step outside of our comfort zones. In the CVC, we’ve realized that we are not just an Asian club. People with similar interests have different backgrounds and we try to cater to everyone. UBC is a big school but by joining a club, you make the campus a bit smaller. This isn’t a bad thing because it allows our students to make genuine and meaningful intercultural connections that last throughout their university experience and beyond.”

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