Teach Teachers to Be Advocates

Dean Blye Frank was recently featured in a special series on “Inspiring Ideas for 2013” in The Tyee.

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Read an excerpt from the story by Katie Hyslop below:

When asked if teachers in training, facing increasing student needs in an under-resourced education system, should learn to be fundraisers in school, University of British Columbia Education Dean Blye Frank told the audience of a UBC alumni event in September that there was a better way to prepare teachers.

“We need to educate our teachers so that they’re knowledgeable about going into those situations that are under-resourced and disadvantaged,” he said.

“If they’re surprised about the linguistic (or) cultural diversity — what we might call the exceptionalities — if they’re surprised by the level of poverty and disadvantage, I would say as a dean ‘We’re not doing a very good job.'”

Read the full story on The Tyee here.