“The Faculty of Education is one of the leading faculties of its kind in the world, advancing educational research and understanding of teaching and learning in a way that celebrates diversity, equity and innovation, and welcomes international collaboration in an increasingly borderless globe.”

Dr. Blye Frank
Dean and Professor, Faculty of Education

Preparing professionals for practice in a wide range of education-related fields

For over 60 years, the Faculty of Education has served the international education community through leadership in research, service, and advocacy.

In British Columbia, more than 45% of the elementary teachers, the majority of secondary teachers, and a significant proportion of British Columbia’s special needs and First Nations teachers, counsellors, school administrators, school psychologists, and vocational rehabilitation counsellors, are prepared by the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia for their important roles.

We work with communities both locally and internationally

Find out more about our projects in the Dadaab Refugee Camp, our Indigenous Teacher Education Program (NITEP), our work in learning technologies, and the many professional development opportunities for teaching professionals we offer year round.