Our talented students generate new knowledge and advance understanding, practice, and policy in education

The Faculty of Education is fueled by research that is changing the way we think… our students are from all over the world which offers a rich learning culture and a unique, globally engaged setting for rewarding collaboration.

At the Faculty of Education, we work closely with our undergraduate and graduate students to ensure their success. We assist students as they look for research positions, offer a variety of academic support services, encourage students to approach learning and teaching in new and innovative ways, help students discover organizations that match their interests, and provide extensive academic advising services.

We offer structured resources and information designed to smooth the journey for our students. Our students bring their own unique energy to the Faculty of Education at UBC, and their success is closely aligned with the success of our Faculty.

Some of our students have provided profiles about their research and will give you an idea why students chose the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia.

Faculty of Education Student Spotlight

The Faculty of Education Student Spotlight series takes a look at the change agents among us. It is designed to raise a greater understanding of the diverse profiles and experiences of your fellow students. Take a look to learn more about your community, the passion behind the students and their road to realizing their goals.

To be considered for a future spotlight, please contact our communications team:

Faculty of Education Graduating Rising Stars

We are looking for graduating students to feature as Graduating Rising Stars. If you know a stellar student who has done something amazing, is a first-of-a-kind trailblazer, has overcome significant challenges, or has a quirky story to tell, and is graduating this year, we would love to hear from them!

If you would like to share your profile as a Graduating Rising Star, please complete the online submission form.