Faculty-Wide Graduate Programs

The Faculty of Education administers several graduate programs whose foci cut across departmental and disciplinary boundaries. The academic leadership of each program is nurtured and sustained by advisory committees that include representatives from each of the Faculty of Education’s academic programs.

Indigenous Education | Early Childhood Education | Educational Technology

Master of Education in Indigenous Education

The Master of Education in Indigenous Education addresses policy, programmatic, curricular, and community/parental relationship priorities as they pertain to Indigenous education, with the following key program objectives:

  • deepen understanding of Indigenous knowledges, histories, worldviews in both theory and practice;
  • strengthen instruction and leadership skills in using and supporting Indigenous education knowledge, practices, and pedagogies for classroom, school, and community-based programs and settings;
  • analyze and adapt existing curriculum frameworks and structures in order to make them more culturally responsive to Indigenous worldviews and Indigenous knowledge systems;
  • provide leadership in the development and revision of Indigenous educational policy, curricula and programming; and
  • develop knowledge and practices for engagement with Indigenous learners, people, and communities that advance TRC and UNDRIP commitments.

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Programs in Early Childhood Education

Programs in Early Childhood Education are designed for educators and childcare professionals who wish to explore issues in early childhood research, theory, and practice. Early childhood graduate programs are interdisciplinary, Faculty-wide programs that consist of core courses in early childhood education (ECED) and related courses in other departments.

Key areas of focus include:

  • theorizing early childhood and early childhood education;
  • research and research methodologies;
  • issues in early childhood curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation; and
  • cross-departmental inquiries in early childhood education.

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Master of Educational Technology

The Master of Educational Technology (MET) program offers a fully online graduate degree that explores the potential use and impact of learning technologies in a variety of contexts. UBC is a leader in distributed education, and our faculty members work on the leading edge of curriculum design and technology integration.

This innovative program provides an excellent environment in which to learn and engage in teaching/instruction using learning technologies, planning, management, design and development of learning technologies.

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