Joshua Lee, BA ’15, BEd (Sec) ’16


Joshua Lee, BA '15, BEd ’16

Joshua Lee is an UBC BEd alumnus currently working at Canadian International School in Hong Kong. He has taught IB MYP English and Humanities. His current focus of interest is on classroom management, differentiated assessments, and feedback methodologies.

Having grown up in Hong Kong and Vancouver, Joshua is deeply connected with both cultures, and has experienced the life and problems of being a third culture child. He hopes that through his experiences he can help students navigate the modern multicultural jungle whilst embracing their own backgrounds, gaining an empathy for others in the process.

Joshua Lee comes from a large family of educators, giving him an early interest in a wide variety of academic fields. This cumulated in a passion for interdisciplinary learning and holistic education. He believes that lifelong learners begin with attention, passion, and empathy for one’s neighbours and their surroundings.

Joshua’s classes are known for its relaxed, informative atmosphere punctuated by the relatably bizarre. As a teacher early in his career, he hopes to further develop deeper integrations between subjects, demonstrating that learning is active and lifelong.

Meeting Joshua

What is your most memorable experience from your time in the Faculty of Education?

Without a doubt, the most memorable experience from my time in the Faculty of Education was the amazing people I met that year. My fellow TCs came from such a wide range of backgrounds and stories that they were a constant source of inspiration and reflection for my own teaching practice. They were also willing to journey beside me during my times of crisis, empathizing with the uncertainty and fears of the future. My supervising teachers were also a massive support and showed me how teaching is a demonstration of understanding oneself and passionately sharing with the students with the hope that they may have that “aha” moment themselves. However, the one memory that I always return to is that UBC Faculty of Education is a community willing to support you beyond the walls of the school. I am surprised that even two years after I graduated, I received personal emails from the faculty and staff.

Where has your education from the Faculty of Education taken you in your career?

Even early in the program, I was very interested in working in Asia. Hong Kong was a surprising twist for me, as I did not expect to be able to find work here. Schools in the Pearl of the Orient often prefer teachers with more experience due to the high-pressure/high-demand environment of the city. Finding work was a challenging process. However, this has also been one of the greatest blessings, as I now work side by side with some of the most creative and committed teachers around the world. Hong Kong also has some of the most studious students I have ever encountered.

Where do issues of inclusion find a place in your life or at work?

The unique part of working in an international school is the variety of cultures and backgrounds the students come from. This gives rise to a unique variety of understanding given the opportunity. The school itself also hosts a variety of community outreach events where students are tasked to better understand the community around them and take action for those in need.

Do you have any words of wisdom for current students? Newly graduated folks?

No matter where in the world you will be, students will always be students. Yet each one of them is unique and will always have their own story to tell; their own baggage to carry. Our responsibility is to care for them as individuals; to understand a child is to see the beauty and potential in them.