Mike Page, BEd (Elem) ’10, MEd ’18


Mike Page BEd (Elem)’10

Born and raised in Rossland, I decided to join the WKTEP program and pursue my education degree in a local environment. I did my practicum in a Grade 6/7 class and learned many hands-on and practical skills that I use today. Applying for every possible job, I was able to land a music position at two elementary schools the following year — the last job I thought I would land would be a music position since my university degree was in science with a focus on kinesiology. Feeling very fortunate, I spent many hours learning new instruments and refreshing my musical skills. When I found out I had the music job, I quickly went and purchased a guitar and I haven’t put it down. The last job I thought I would land would be a music position. It really pushed me to learn the instruments and I have a newfound passion outside of school. Lifelong learning is a phrase that is a buzz word, however it truly personifies my life. Seeking new challenges, opportunities and passions is what keep me moving. In July, I completed my masters of education in place-based pedagogy through UBC in Nelson. This again opened the doors to have local connections within our surrounding districts with passionate and knowledgeable people. A new adventure I have taken on is around the ADST portion of the new curriculum with a fellow SD20 teacher, Nate Lott. We have developed new and engaging curriculum and projects with the idea of using technology as a tool. We pride ourselves on being educators who use physical computing, digital fabrication and virtual and augmented environments in the hopes of transforming learning with our students. I have had the pleasure working with people in our local district and they have been the catalyst that gets these programs running with equipment. Now, in a new role as Vice Principal as well as touring around BC delivering professional development around the ADST curriculum with a focus on K-9 age groups and their teachers. If you are interested in following our adventures, please check out our Twitter @OpenSourceLab20.

Meeting Mike Page

What is your most memorable experience from your time in the Faculty of Education?

My most memorable part of being with UBC Education was my masters program. It allowed people from surrounding districts to meet biweekly for 2 years. We were all like minded in the respect of our place in education and we learned so much from others to take back into our own classrooms. Also, the passion from our instructors ran deep into our class. It was an experience I will never forget. My masters program through UBC is the best professional development in my career to date.

Where has your education from the Faculty of Education taken you in your career?

The Faculty of Education in my career has let me meet new people in various places around the province. I have had the pleasure of working with Science World and Actua in the ADST umbrella. This is another scenario where we have a large number of like minded and focused people wanting to learn a new strand of the curriculum.

Where do issues of inclusion find a place in your life or at work?

I feel being around different people, whether they are students, teachers, parents, administration or others allows myself to be more empathetic and notice the smaller things I wouldn’t have been subjected to if I was in my classroom just focusing on my class of kids. Being involved in the masters program made me push my thinking and changed my ideas and thoughts where I didn’t think my opinions on certain issues would have been changed. The life and work separation is difficult as my wife and I are both educators in the same district and we often have “shop talk” at home. You quickly begin to realize how important inclusion is in your classroom as a beginner teacher and how those strategies or ideas branch out into the real world without even noticing.

Do you have any words of wisdom for current students? Newly graduated folks?

My advice is to apply for any jobs you can and be yourself. It will take you on an adventure you possibly didn’t think you could do, however they are all attainable with the right mindset. Also, practice what you preach and try something new all the time. Most importantly, love the kids in your class and the staff in your school.