CIHR Update on Strategic Funding Opportunities

In early April, CIHR announced a three-month pause on existing and new strategic funding opportunities (FO), with the exception of FOs related to COVID-19, in order to allow CIHR to focus its efforts on supporting the Government of Canada’s response to the pandemic.

Please read the full message from Adrian Mota, Associate Vice-President of Research Programs at CIHR on the progress related to these strategic FOs.

Key points:

  • All strategic FOs will remain available on ResearchNet, including all applications that were in progress and submitted, but with a new placeholder date of December 31, 2021
  • FOs with application deadlines that have closed, but which have not been peer reviewed, will not be re-opened to accept additional applications.
  • As competition timelines are confirmed, applicants will be provided with at least two months advance notice to allow them to prepare their applications.
  • Please note that FOs that do not have a placeholder date of December 31, 2021 will move forward according to posted timelines. New FOs will also be launched (e.g., the Fall 2020 Project Grant competition).


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