COVID-19: Faculty of Education Update: Department of Educational Studies

Department of Educational Studies

March 16, 2020 | 9:58 am

Dear Colleagues,

I trust that everyone is doing as well as can be expected in our difficult context. At the risk of information overload, I wanted to keep all of you abreast on planning as of today.

  1. Office Staff working from home: As Shermila’s message recently noted, our office staff will be teleworking as much as is possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience. If there is a question or task that can reasonably be put on hold for the time being, please wait. If you can do your due diligence in reviewing all of the information that has circulated about online teaching, searches, UBC services, ETS services before you contact staff, please do so.  I will be reducing my trips to campus over the next few weeks. If you need to contact me by phone for any reason, please do not hesitate to do so: 604-505-1520. I will be on email – of course!
  2. Our Thursday Department meeting is cancelled.  We have no pressing business that cannot wait. If something does arise, I will be doing all I can to ensure that you are informed.
  3. Please keep lines of communication open. We ask that faculty answer emails in as timely a manner as possible. This is a rapidly changing time and we need to ensure that contact remains strong.  Please ensure that you keep in touch with your students as a priority.
  4. If you are out of the country and we do not yet know about it,  please contact Mona immediately. It’s important that we know where you are so we can offer support, direct questions, etc.
  5. Open Searches are being supported by ETS and will involve planning with EDST staff. Please refer to the message sent by Natasha Boškić yesterday to the Faculty. More information about our current EDST search will be coming as soon as details are sorted out.
  6. If you are having any difficulties, please do reach out to us. We are here to help things move along as best we can!

best wishes,


Mona Gleason, [Professor and Department Head]