COVID-19: Faculty of Education Updates: Searches

March 17, 2020 | 7:37 am

The Faculty of Education COVID-19 Rapid Response Team met yesterday to consult on how to organize tenure stream faculty searches between now and September, given the ‘Global Pandemic’ designation and related stringent responses, including travel restrictions and faculty and staff working remotely. This update includes faculty tenure-stream searches that are: (i) about to be advertised or are (ii) soon to be advertised and accepting applications, or that (iii) are heading towards the phase of the search where shortlisted candidates are invited to (typically on-campus) interviews, meetings with colleagues, staff and students and other key events.

In this unprecedented time of challenge, the safety of our faculty and staff and your families is our top priority. Given the rapidly changing epidemiological climate, the recommendations of the team regarding proximal Faculty of Education tenure-stream searches that I have decided we will implement immediately and without exceptions, are as follows:

  • Unit Heads (and their leadership team) will decide, in consultation with colleagues, whether to continue with a given search or whether to defer it to the Fall (or later); and communicate such decisions to the Dean’s Office (c/o Anna Bin);
  • All Faculty of Education tenure stream faculty searches that continue, until we advise otherwise, will only provide one short-listed interview (and related events) option, which is to interview all short-listed candidates, regardless of home location and citizenship, remotely (which means, utilizing online video-conferencing tools, such as Zoom);
  • Interviewing candidates remotely (online), also means for the Search Committee members to participate in the interview activities remotely to avoid typical face-to-face gatherings for all interview events and committee meetings;
  • Chairs of such search committees will orchestrate the remote/online interview activities in consultation with the Head/Director, and will work with DNSO, ETS and Department/School staff to support unit members to participate in the interview activities under these atypical conditions;
  • The Dean’s Office ‘HR/Faculty Affairs Office’ will provide IT support to short-listed candidates in the searches that continue. The Dean’s Office staff will work collaboratively with the unit’s search support staff, who will assist, in conjunction with ETS staff as needed, Heads/Directors, search committee Chairs and members and other unit members’ participation in such interview activities;
  • This week, Dean’s Office staff will communicate directly with Heads/Directors, Administrative Managers, search committee chairs and search support staff on how (and by who) we will support those searches that will continue remotely/online.

The Dean’s Office and related service units, including Education Technology Services, is here to support faculty tenure-stream searches to the very best of our capacities. These are difficult times. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Mary Bryson (Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, Administration and Innovation) or Anna Bin (Director, HR & Faculty Affairs)
and let us know how we can customize our support for tenure-stream searches in this most difficult of times. We are all learning, together, how to “flatten the curve”.

March 12, 2020 | 6:30 pm

Open Searches
Unit heads with active faculty searches should seriously consider carrying out interviews and related presentations virtually. The decision to hold virtual searches should then be applied equally to local, national, and international short-listed candidates. If you have technological questions, please contact Dr. Natasha Boškić.