Dr. Cash Ahenakew

Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-Being

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies

There has to be a kind of unlearning and relearning for non-Indigenous people.

Learn how Indigenous theories, curriculum, pedagogies and mixed methodologies address complexities at the interface of knowledges, education, methodology and ceremony.

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How are Indigenous practices of well-being foundational to the revitalization of relationships and reconciliation of institutions?

Dr. Cash Ahenakew has spent his career searching for ways to understand how local knowledges and practices can inform the resurgence of Indigenous wisdom, knowledge, education, well-being and healing practices.

As Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-being, Dr. Cash Ahenakew is focusing on decolonizing health-related research, practices and education, and revitalizing Indigenous health practices. He is bringing together a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics and health practitioners from six countries to advance community-based participatory research and collaborative inquiry along with trauma-informed education. Together, they hope to develop a high-quality, culture-centred, trauma-informed approach. By integrating Indigenous healing practices and land-based orientations with contemplative practices and bodywork, they will contribute to healing and well-being approaches.

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