Dr. Jan Hare

Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Pedagogy

Dean pro tem

Dr. Jan Hare is examining the complex processes of learning to teach using Indigenous knowledge frameworks. To this end, she and her research team are focusing on instructor knowledge, beliefs and practices from across faculties and disciplines in higher education. Ultimately, they hope to establish evidence-informed practices for improving how instructors teach and students learn from Indigenous knowledge traditions.

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How can we enrich teacher education with Indigenous perspectives, histories and pedagogies?

Professorship in Indigenous Education for Teacher Education | Created in 2013, the Professorship has three goals:

  • Enrich teacher education with Indigenous perspectives, histories and pedagogies through an integrated approach to teaching and research.
  • Engage in professional development of in-service/practicing teachers so they are informed of the place of Indigenous peoples, histories, perspectives and pedagogies in their current teaching. This community engagement approach with teachers and schools will transform places of learning is vital to the success of Indigenous learners.
  • Extend professional development opportunities to our Education faculty.
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