Education alumnus Richard Price, BEd’ 71, MEd’ 90, writes memoir and supports local food bank, women’s centre

Rick Price, BEd’ 71, MEd’ 90,  has kept himself out of trouble (for the most part) by staying busy as a prospector, and educator and a school trustee.  Along the way he has shared, with family and friends, adventures in the mountains, on sailboats, and on bicycles.  Rick lives in Squamish with his wife, Diddi, in the house they built themselves in 1974.  He continues to get our frequently on his skis, bikes and boots.



Rickollections is a series of personal stories and anecdotes from long-time Squamish resident Rick Price. Many of them take place on mountains, at sea and on extended bike trips; these are interwoven with tales that range from courtship to prospecting, and from home-building to teaching.  Rick is fascinated by the quirky nature of people everywhere, and he does not shy away from his own foibles.  He writes with a gentle and generous humour that is often wry and self-deprecating.  Rick shows us be example the compelling and often universal nature of personal stories and family history.


The book can be purchased by contacting the author at or by texting 604 815 3941.  The price is $25 for a mailed copy.  This includes postage plus a $5 donation to the Squamish Food Bank or the Howe Sound Womens Centre.