Curriculum Enhancement Project Grants for Anti-Racism and Decolonization 2021–2022


Background and Objectives

The Final Report from the Task Force on Race, Indigeneity, and Social Justice underscored the need for the Faculty of Education to take steps to provide “adequate course offerings with respect to race and racial difference” and incorporate “racialized research and content into the curriculum”. The Curriculum Enhancement Project Grants: Anti-Racism and Decolonization funding opportunity supports the revision and redesign of curricula to enrich course content at both the graduate and undergraduate levels through the inclusion of broader perspectives and critical discourses on anti-racism and decolonization, with the awareness that such perspectives are inseparable from intersecting issues including Indigeneity, gender, sexuality, language, religion and ability. These projects will elevate the existing curriculum by effectively incorporating racialized research, texts, genres, modes of learning and assessment into curriculum and pedagogy to address the centering of whiteness, lack of racialized perspectives and marginalized voices, as well as aim to engage diverse students.