Graduate Student Endowed Awards

These merit-based awards are given in recognition of magistral or doctoral students (as applicable to the award) who have demonstrated high academic achievement and who have made substantial contributions to the field in which they are researching. Most full-time Faculty of Education graduate students are eligible to apply on an annual basis (see eligibility criteria below). Normally the deadline for submission of applications is late October, adjudication takes place in November and December, and students are advised of the outcome in early January. Potential applicants should discuss with their supervisor or graduate advisor whether they meet the criteria and should apply in consultation with their supervisor or graduate advisor.


24 October 2023, 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Full List & Description of Graduate Endowed Awards
Applications are now closed.

Application Overview

In total, there are 10 Endowed Awards you may apply for in this competition. Six of these awards may be applied for simultaneously using one cover sheet and one statement through the “Consolidated Awards Application” process. You must submit separate applications with unique cover sheets and statements for the remaining four specialized awards.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in full-time graduate studies in the Faculty of Education at UBC-V. Both magistral and doctoral students must be on the full-time fee payment schedule to be considered for an award. (Students on a part-time fee schedule, Schedule B, are not eligible.)
  • Applicants must be officially registered as a UBC-V Faculty of Education graduate student in Winter Terms 1 and 2 of the year of application (e.g., must not be expecting to graduate or complete their program of studies in W1 of the year of application).
  • Applicants must not be on leave or on financial hold.
  • Applicants must not have won the award for which they are applying in their current degree program.

Eligibility Specific to Particular Awards

  • Only doctoral students are eligible for the Mary Elizabeth Simpson Scholarship.
  • The John Francis Lidstone Scholarship is not available to Faculty of Education graduate students every year. Applicants who submit a “combined application” will be considered for this award when it is available.

Awarding of Funds

Funds earned through all Endowed Awards will be applied first to any outstanding tuition fees.

Personal Statement Instructions and Selection Criteria

Application Submission

Each application must be submitted as a single PDF file to, and must include the following items, in order:

  • A complete Cover Sheet, including supervisor and applicant signatures (download below);
  • A student statement explaining how you meet the award criteria;
  • A graduate student CV using this CV template (do not use other CV formats; see also Endowed Awards CV Sample).

Note: Your UBC grades from graduate programs (if any) will be appended to your application. Do not submit transcripts.

Consolidated Awards Application

One Consolidated Awards application should be submitted to apply simultaneously for the following six awards: (1) Dean of Education Scholarship, (2) Donald and Ellen Poulter Scholarship, (3) Jimmar Memorial Scholarship, (4) John Francis Lidstone Scholarship (when available), (5) Leon and Joan Tuey Scholarship, and (6) Mary Elizabeth Simpson Scholarship (doctoral students only).

Download Consolidated Awards Cover Sheet:
Consolidated Awards [WORD] | Consolidated Awards [PDF]

Unique Award Applications

Separate applications are necessary for each of the following awards: (1) Dean Blye Frank Graduate Scholarship in Education, (2) Janusz Korczak Association of Canada Graduate Scholarship in Children’s Rights and Canadian Indigenous Education Scholarship, (3) Joseph Katz Memorial Scholarship, and (4) LOMCIRA Harold Covell Memorial Scholarship.

Download Dean Blye Frank Cover Sheet:
Dean Blye Frank [WORD] | Dean Blye Frank [PDF]
Download Janusz Korczak Cover Sheet:
Janusz Korczak [WORD] | Janusz Korczak [PDF]
Download Joseph Katz Memorial Cover Sheet:
Joseph Katz Memorial [WORD] | Joseph Katz Memorial [PDF]
Download LOMCIRA Cover Sheet: