UBC Faculty of Education Staff Wellness Afternoon 2020

When: Thursday, June 25, 2020 | 12:45 pm – 4:15 pm
Where: Online via Zoom!

You are invited to the 3rd annual Staff Wellness afternoon – virtual edition! This event was created in recognition of Faculty of Education staff, and is a chance for you to relax and enjoy some wellness activities with your colleagues from both campuses.

This event will take place on Zoom, with various activity options available – please see the full list of activities, below! Please note, for this virtual wellness afternoon, we are encouraging all participants in your household to join, if they wish, and will have activities suitable for all ages available.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to relax, kick back, and enjoy some fun activities with your colleagues – you’ve earned it!


12:45 – 1:00: Welcome and Opening Remarks
1:00 – 1:55: Session #1
2:00 – 2:55: Session #2
3:00 – 3:55: Session #3
4:00 – 4:15: Closing Remarks

Activity Sessions:

Learn to sew reusable face masks and more!

This DIY textile activity session is perfect for you if you have always wanted to make your own reusable face mask or if you are looking to repurpose and upcycle all those clothes you have decluttered! No prior sewing experience needed!

Facilitated by Catherine Hay. Here's a preview of her DIY face mask tutorial!
Hosts: Vicki Domansky & Gladys Ling

Gardening at home (even with small balconies)!

Are you interested in learning more about gardening? If so, join us for this session with an expert from the UBC Botanical Garden!

Host: Tracy Strauch

IMAX films, at home!

Enjoy the IMAX experience in the comfort of your home! Join us and Science World Museum for an hour of spectacular documentaries from Science Theatre Show and OMNIMAX® Films. We will be providing a special selection of films including Space Suite, Dinosaurs Alive!, Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Wild Ocean and many more!

Hosts: Vanessa Smith & Justine Huang

Learn to give yourself some love and attention.

We don’t always take the time to care for, and nurture ourselves. Sometimes we require a little support in identifying relaxation strategies, effective coping, and personal needs, into our daily life. This session will focus on self-care strategies and techniques to promote wellbeing and positive coping. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their current practices, experience some self-care techniques, and explore ways to incorporate self-care into their lives.

Facilitated by UBC HR’s Workplace Wellbeing Practices and Learning Consultants, Crystal Hutchinson and Miranda Massie.
Hosts: Gladys Ling, Justine Huang, and Silvia Almanza Alonso

Find your inner zen.

The Max Meditation SystemTM is a comprehensive system of meditation designed for the western mind. Beginning with relaxation and using yogic, zen, and guided journeying techniques, this system allows anyone from beginning meditator to an experienced practitioner to have a profound experience.

Facilitated by Margaret Dembinski, lovelifeactivate.com
Hosts: Tracy Strauch & Ana Susnjara

In conversation with colleagues around staff wellness.

Please join us for a Conversation Cafe focused on staff wellbeing. Dive into a facilitated discussion with your UBC colleagues to leverage the wisdom in the (Zoom) room. Connect with your colleagues to share experiences related to working remotely, exchange helpful strategies and learn about key resources available to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Facilitated by UBC HR’s Workplace Wellbeing Practices and Learning Consultants, Crystal Hutchinson and Miranda Massie.

Hosts: Gladys Ling, Justine Huang, and Silvia Almanza Alonso

Seeing a bit too much of your couch? Get fit with this virtual bootcamp!

Want to exercise? Whether you are alone, with your family, have weights, have bands or have no equipment, Kari can show you how to get moving. Kari Brackenbury is the Gymnastics Program Coordinator and Senior Coach, Active Kids, Kinesiology. Join us for some exercise in this virtual bootcamp class.

Hosts: Faustina Cheung & Kari Brackenbury

Get fit with a game of Bingo!

We're no Prince William, Kate Middleton, or Matthew McConaughey, but Harry and Faustina are your Facutly of Education celebrity hosts for a rousing game of Fitness BINGO! Each player matches activities printed in different arrangements on cards with the activities draws at random, marking the selected activities with tiles in a row will get award you a coveted prize!

Host: Harry Young & Faustina Cheung

Go for a run or a bike ride with your colleagues - virtually!

Make Strava art in running, walking or biking. Download any tracker that will record your journey and join your fellow colleagues to create a map collage. Representing all participants with their first name initials around the Greater Vancouver area record this epic accomplishment to start off your staff wellness afternoon!

Hosts: Harry Young & Faustina Cheung

Get moving to the sound of great tunes!

Move to the beat with a virtual dance party! Led by Kari Brackenbury, Gymnastics Program Coordinator and Senior Coach, Active Kids, Kinesiology. Join us for some exercise as we dance to music through the ages, from the 50’s to today!

Hosts: Vicki Domansky & Kari Brackenbury

Get your yoga on with this virtual session.

My name is Anongluk – everyone calls me Luk - and I was born in Thailand. I grew up practicing meditation and have constantly benefitted from the peace and equanimity it brings me. I love the Vancouver outdoor and healthy eating lifestyle. I've learned that yoga is a wonderful complement to meditation and the path to deeply connecting our minds and bodies. In many of my classes, I've taught people with little or no experience.

• Begin the class with either a simple meditation/ breathing exercise.
• Warm-up possess and get right into Vinyasa Flow (beginner)
• End with relaxing poses.

Note: I would recommend yoga mat, blocks, but not necessary. We don't recommend you do yoga if you have any kind of injury and pain recently.

Instructor: Anongluk
Hosts: Harry Young & Tracy Strauch

Pilates at home, on Zoom!

Pilates is a method of exercises invented over 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. Each exercise is designed to both strengthen and stretch our muscles. Pilates focuses on the smaller muscles that support the larger muscles with the goal of achieving a strong core to improved posture and balance and our health and wellness so we may complete our activities with ease. Grab your mat and a block or firm cushion and join Lela Dawson, certified NCPC Pilates teacher, for an introductory lesson to the Pilates Matwork. She will guide you through the fundament movements so you can experience some of the benefits of Pilates for yourself.

Instructor: Lela Dawson
Host: Silvia Almanza Alonso

Share this activity with the entire family! Fun promised to be had by all.

Join us and become a virtual animal explorer! This family fun session will be filled with pretend play, educational animal trivia, and physical activities designed to entertain children of all ages. Adults are welcomed to join in the fun activities or sit back and relax while the kids immerse themselves in being an explorer. Come dressed as your favourite animal and bring a snack for the exploration!

Facilitated by Harjeena Heer.
Hosts: Gladys Ling & Emily Jeong

Put your drawing skills to the test!

Virtual Pictionary! Draw and guess with this interactive, multi-player online Pictionary game. Each game consists of several rounds where each player draws a secret chosen word and others players guess the word to gain points. The player with the most points wins!

Hosts: Milena Constanda & Ana Susnjara

Do you know all the things? Let's find out!

Join your trivia host Michael Wilkinson as he attempts to usurp the Trivia Master title currently held by Justin O’Hearn. In this installment of FoE Staff Trivia, you and your team will have to answer the most bizarre and informative trivia questions from a variety of different categories. Using Zoom & Breakout Rooms, you and your team will attempt to win the ultimate prize: bragging rights… until the next FoE Staff Trivia!

Hosts: Michael Wilkinson & Ana Susnjara

Feud with your work family, all for fun of course!

Join your co-hosts and colleagues, Michael and Vanessa, for a fun and competitive game of Family Feud – a TV classic that we will re-create on Zoom! We will need two teams of FoE colleagues to duke it out while guessing the most popular answers to survey questions. The only catch…there’s no cash prize…but to the victors go the bragging rights!

Hosts: Vanessa Smith & Michael Wilkinson

Show off your furry best friend at this pet-friendly session.

Attention pet owners! We want to meet your pets! Bring your furry, feathery, or scaly, friends to this session for your co-workers to fawn over them. It’s about time they became famous. You can even put the camera in front of your pets and walk away…but, if you prefer, we would love for you to stay on and tell us about them. Attention pet-less animal lovers! Come enjoy the cuteness and learn about your co-workers' pets. Need we say more?

Hosts: Ana Susnjara & Tracy Strauch



NOTE: When registering, please select only one activity per session, for a total of 3 different activities over 3 session times (1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm).

Registration deadline is June 22.

Questions? Please contact info.educ@ubc.ca.