Upcoming events within the Faculty of Education.

Qualitative Health Research Conference – Call for Abstracts

QHR is a three-day annual conference focusing on qualitative research in health disciplines and is held in various Canadian cities every October. More

“Jonny Appleseed: Redefining Queer Indigenous Pedagogy”, Thought-provoking conversation with Joshua Whitehead

Join us for a conversation with Joshua Whitehead, an Oji-Cree, Two-Spirit story teller and author of the award-winning book "Jonny Appleseed". More

LLED Research Seminar: Developing critical literacy through the construction of active knowledge in intercultural communication

Please join us for this public talk with Dr. Yumi Sugihara Yoshida, associate professor from Keio University, Japan. More

Camp Out 10 Year Celebration

Join us for a piece of cake to celebrate 10 years of Camp OUT and meet Anna White, the camp's director. More

ACLA Conference 2019

Join us in the Henry Angus Building for our annual ACLA Conference, June 3rd to 5th!  More

TEDxJIBC | Small Ripples, Big Waves

TEDxJIBC is a local, independently organized event to be held on June 5, 2019 at the JIBC New Westminster campus. More

Graduate Student Tri-Agency Information Session

The ORE is presenting an information session for doctoral students on applying for funding through the Tri-Agencies and UBC Affiliated Fellowships. More

English Today: Mine, Yours, Everybody’s or Nobody’s?

Please join us on May 30 for Dr. Michał B. Paradowski’s public talk in the Neville Scarfe building. Michał B. Paradowski is an Associate Professor at More

Tug of Logic: A Competitive Board Game For Collaborative Reasoning

Join philosopher, author and public intellectual, Dr. Michael Picard as he introduces, demos and discusses the new board game, Tug of Logic. More

Faculty of Education Insight Grants Bootcamp

SSHRC Insight Grants proposal development "bootcamp" hosted by Office of Research in Education and SPARC - June 12th, 2019 More

3 Minute Post Doc Slam 2019

Post docs are invited to attend or present their research in a 3 min format. Keynotes from Nerd Nite Vancouver and catered reception to follow. More

Documentary Screening: Cost of Winning

'Cost of Winning' documentary challenges the adultification of kid's sports. For educators, students, parents and athletes. May 30th, 7pm More

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2019

Dr. Natasha Boskic, Ian Linkletter, Stoo Sepp and Dr. Mari Pighini will be presenting on teaching and learning in an online context at CNIE conference More

Canadian Viewpoints: Concealed and Revealed

Join us for a research seminar by Natalie LeBlanc, EDCP Postdoctoral Fellow. More

NSERC Information Session – Alliance Grants Program

Information Session about the new Alliance Grants program on Monday, May 27th. More

NSERC Visit and Discovery Grants Update – May 29th, 2019

NSERC Engagement and Discovery Grant Update session More

Candid Conversations – The Importance of Dialogue in Generating Impact

Please join Innovation UBC on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 for Knowledge Exchange: Candid Conversations – The Importance of Dialogue in Generating Impact. More

HELP Talks – Cities for Children: Bringing outdoor play to urban environments

SAVE THE DATE HELP Talks: Cities for Children: Bringing outdoor play to urban environments More

A Decolonial Approach to Denaturalizing Norwegian Exceptionalism in Education

Seminar with Kristin Gregers Eriksen, Ph.D. Research Fellow at the University of South-Eastern Norway and visiting research student in EDST. More

Equity and Inclusion in Teaching and Learning: Student Perspectives

UBC student panelists with different backgrounds will share their knowledge, experience, and insights around equity and inclusion in the classroom. More

Equity and Inclusion in Teaching and Learning: Faculty Perspectives

A panel of UBC faculty from different disciplines will explore these questions and discuss their experiences and ideas around exclusivity and equity. More

KIHKIPIW: Indigenous Teacher Education Symposium

Faculty of Education at the U of A, we invite you to participate in Kihkipiw (sitting with the sacred), a symposium for Indigenous teacher education. More

SSHRC Insight Grants Bootcamp

Faculty of Education Insight Grants Bootcamp for Faculty members applying for SSHRC Insight Grants in October. More

Leadership and Mentorship: A “Hybrid Configuration of Practice”

This research seminar by Awneet Sivia, Vandy Britton, Sheryl MacMath and Janet Carroll is part of the 2018-2019 EDCP seminar series. More

CACS 2019 Pre-Conference: The Many Faces of Love: Celebrating the Lifework of Carl Leggo

Registration is open for the CACS 2019 Pre-Conference: The Many Faces of Love: Celebrating the Lifework of Carl Leggo. More

Supporting critical thinking in schools: Exploring the relationship between academic language, argumentation, and civic engagement

Please join us for this public talk with Dr. Joshua Lawrence from the University of Oslo. Hosted by Dr. Guofang Li. More

Indigenous Storybooks: Protocols and Educational Possibilities

Join us for this Language Science Talks panel exploring Indigenous Storybooks, a project that aims to provide the text, images and audio of stories in More

A Public HELP Talk: Perspectives on Indigenous Language

A Public HELP Talk: Perspectives on Indigenous Language More

SAVE THE DATE: National Forum on Wellness in Post-Secondary Education 2019

The National Forum on Wellness in Post-Secondary Education 2019 is being hosted at the University of British Columbia. More

SoLAR’s Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2019

Register is now open for the 2019 Learning Analytics Summer Institute. The event will be co-hosted by UBC and SFU. More

Discipline-specific approaches to English Language and Academic Literacies provision: A Case Study

Please join us for this public talk by Dr. Neil Murray from the University of Warwick. This event is co-sponsored by LLED and Vantage College. More

Black Feminism and Anti-Black Racism: Challenges and New Directions

Join us for an evening with Patricia Hill Collins: “Black Feminism and Anti-Black Racism: Challenges and New Directions”. More

Working Towards a Digitally Inclusive Society

This forum will address current practices, challenges and possibilities for digital literacy education in communities. More

Research Seminar by Dr. Heesoon Bai

Join us for a research seminar by Dr. Heesoon Bai, Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. More

Food Technology Conferences

Meet leading Food technologist, Microbiologist, Food safety officers, Nutritionists, Dieticians from Ireland, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands More

Investigating Our Practices (IOP) Conference

Join the 22nd annual IOP Conference, where educators come together to share and explore understandings of their teaching practice. More

9th Indigenous Math Symposium: M in STEM: Exploring Mathematics in all Kinds of Places

This symposium is an opportunity for teachers, administrators, Ministry representatives, community members, and academics to connect, explore, imagine and share new ideas, resources and research on Indigenous mathematics education from kindergarten to Grade 12. More

Exploring Barriers to Postsecondary Access Facing Black Queer Youth: Beyond What Are Given as Givens

You are invited to join us for a public talk by Dr. Lance McCready about exploring barriers to Postsecondary access facing Black queer youth. More

6th Education Graduate Students (EGS) Conference: Conversation as Potentiality

6th Education Graduate Students (EGS) Conference 2018 - 2019: Conversation as Potentiality More

Publication Strategies Panel

Publication Strategies Panel on March 15 More

Research Presentation: Uncovering Text Features of Hyper-partisan News using NLP with Deep Learning

Research Presentation: Uncovering Text Features of Hyper-partisan News using NLP with Deep Learning More

Last Call for Undergraduate Research Participants – Indigenous Initiatives at CTLT

Seeking undergraduate students to participate in a focus group on March 21 at 6PM in IKB Room 184 regarding experiences learning Indigenous topics. More

Interdisciplinarity in Education: Discussions, Approaches, Reflections

This panel aims to address the potential benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary education. More

‘There’s magic in the room’: Can post-humanism help us understand dissertation writing bootcamps?

Dr. Sue Starfield is a Professor in the School of Education at UNSW Sydney where she teaches courses in qualitative research methods and others. More

SPED Panel Event – BC’s New Curriculum & Exceptional Learners

The SPED Program Area and Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education invite you to a panel discussion about BC’s New Curriculum & Exceptional Learners. More

Sexual Health Education That Includes Everyone!

Options for Sexual Health will explore strategies and language to make sexual health education truly inclusive for all bodies, identities and families More

Career Networking Night 2019

Join us for a Career Networking Night to network with a variety of employers along with refreshments and light snack for an informal evening. More

YWCA Panel Discussion – Careers in Education Event

YWCA Career Zone Youth Employment Centre will host a Careers in Education Panel on Tues 26 Feb, 5:30 - 8 pm, 2nd Floor, 1256 Granville St, Vancouver. More

Language Teacher Identity in Anti-Oppressive Education: Frameworks and Pedagogies

Dr. Manka Varghese, University of Washington, will be joining us on February 27 to talk about language teachers identity in anti-oppressive education. More

UBC Postdoctoral Association – Annual General Meeting

The Post Doc Association is a great way to get involved i - come out to the AGM to see what we're about and enjoy some refreshments and snacks. More

Practices of Indigenous and decolonial health, existential wealth, and wellbeing

Please join us for two days of collective learning about how to heal our relationships  with the land and with each other. More

Research Talk: Applying grounded theory methodology to understand mental health service use among youth and young adults living with mental health challenges

Dr. Ben-David, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work from UBC Okanagan Campus will be giving a talk on her research and mental health services. More

Day of PINK!

Wear your PINK and join the festivities in Scarfe lobby from 12-1 to celebrate and support inclusive and accepting schools! More

XV Canadian Symposium – Home Economics

XV Canadian Symposium - Home Economics More

Research Seminar by Dianne Turner

Join us for a research seminar by Dianne Turner, formerly Superintendent of the Delta School district, Chief Educator for the province of B.C. More

Family Day at Science World

You and your family are invited to join Alumnus Ms.Martina Seo, BEd ’09, MET ’17,who competed on the Amazing Race Canada, Heroes Edition, for a fun-filled Family Day at Science World at Telus World of Science! More

Town Hall: Update on Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

VPRI Townhall Information Session on Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster. More

Drop-in Session with Visiting Hopi Language Scholar & Activist Dr. Sheilah Nicholas

The Office of Indigenous Education will be hosting a drop-in session for faculty, students and staff. This will be an opportunity for you to share so More

Making the Case: Recognizing and Assessing Indigenous Scholarship in Higher Education

Please join us for a panel presentation with Indigenous scholar and leaders who consider how we might transform the foundational norms of the academy. More

Top SOGI Books and Lesson Ideas for Elementary and Middle School

SOGI inclusion is necessary! Get prepared by Joining us to sample the best in SOGI picture books, novels, non-fiction and lesson ideas. More

Indigenous Language Revitalization: Raising Awareness and Taking Action

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2019 the International Year for Indigenous Languages. More

Dr. George Belliveau LLED Headship Candidate

Dr. Belliveau will be making a presention and answering questions on his research interests, his administrative experience and his vision for the role More

Congress 2019 is coming

The Congress of the Humanities and Social Science will take place at the University of British Columbia from June 1 to 7, 2019. More

The Faculty of Education Hosts CSSE at Congress 2019

The Canadian Society for the Study of Education Annual Conference will be hosted in conjunction with Congress 2019 from June 1 to 5. More

Public panel: Energy literacy, action, & transition

How do we develop social literacy and action about energy transition? More

Research Seminar by Dr. Paul Shaker

Join us for a research seminar by Dr. Paul Shaker, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University. More

Seminar and Workshop – Access to and Experiences of ‘Non-Traditional’ Students in Higher Education

Seminar and workshop with International Visiting Scholar Dr. Barbara Merrill, University of Warwick. Please RSVP by January 25th. More

QMS Research Talk: Conceptual Challenges for Methodologies Used to Ensure Fairness and Equity in Assessments, Measures, and Surveys

Dr. Zumbo will discuss the concepts and methods that are used to ensure fairness and equity in assessments, measures, and surveys. He will also talk a More

The Dean’s Staff Appreciation Lunch

Join other Faculty of Education staff for the Dean's Appreciation Lunch. More

WestCAST 2019

WestCAST is an education conference held on February 20-22 by the Faculties of Education in the western provinces of Canada. More

Social Studies Education – Presentation by Dr. Stephanie Anderson, Candidate for Assistant Professor Position

Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Stephanie Anderson, candidate for Social Studies Education Assistant Professor position. More

Social Studies Education – Presentation by Dr. Harper Keenan, Candidate for Assistant Professor Position

Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Harper Keenan, candidate for Social Studies Education Assistant Professor position. More

Social Studies Education – Presentation by Dr. Lindsay Gibson, Candidate for Assistant Professor Position

Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Lindsay Gibson, candidate for Social Studies Education Assistant Professor position. More

Gearing Up for Practicum

Get yourself ready for your practicum by consulting with an experienced educator from the Scarfe Sandox | Select dates in January | RSVP recommended More

Education, Technology and Development: Perspectives from Nepal

An afternoon of engaging panel presentations and discussions with guest speaker Rabi Karmacharya, Founder & CEO of the Open Learning Exchange, Nepal. More

Public Talk – Quality Education and the Role of Digital Technology in Nepal

This talk is co-sponsored with the CISAR, LLED, UBC Language Sciences, and the Nepal Library Foundation. Open to public, and no rsvp required. More

LLED Research Seminar Series with Dr. Candace Galla, Andrea Lyall & Billy Rowluck

"Raising Our Consciousness: Enhancing the Vitality of Indigenous Languages in Our Teaching & Learning", with Dr. Candace Galla More

Public presentation with Brandon Wint

"Reading Deeply and Writing Honestly", with Brandon Wint More

Research Seminar by Dr. Ruth Sandwell

Join us for a research seminar by Dr. Ruth Sandwell, OISE/UT. More

Research Seminar by Dr. Margaret Macintyre Latta

Join us for a research seminar by Dr. Margaret Macintyre Latta, Professor and Interim Director, Okanagan School of Education, Faculty of Education More

Workplace Wellness Workshop: Faculty and Staff Professional Development Event

Dr. Shimi Kang joins us to discuss recognizing an unhealthy team environment, creating a mentally well workplace, and building mental health resilience for themselves and others. More

Faith and Family: Navigating SOGI Inclusion

This diverse panel will open hearts and minds to help support students who wish to reconcile sexuality or gender identity with faith and family. More

Canvas High Tea 2019

Take a small bite of Canvas this January, with a cup of tea. Select your topics from the menu. More

The Learning Brain: A New Perspective on Education

The emergence of new neuroimaging tools in the last 25 years or so has provided new insights on how the brain develops and learns in the classroom. More

SOGI UBC Presents – Intersecting Identities: Sexuality, Gender, Ethnicity, Indigeneity, Ability and More!

This incredibly diverse panel will open their hearts and identities as we explore who we are and how we can help students to celebrate who they are. More

Holiday Course Prep

Start your year off right - get your courses ready for the term! Whether you are a new or experienced Canvas user, ETS is here to support you. More

Book Drive 2018

Help us build children’s libraries with gently used and new books! More

The UBC Language Cluster/Visiting Speaker Series with Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc’s

The event is organized by the The UBC Language Cluster; free and open to the public. More

Education for the Creative Economy: A Pan-Canadian Conversation on the Role of the Arts in Re-Imagining Teacher Identity

Please join us for a research seminar by Mitchell McLarnon, Layal Shuman, Dr. Pauline Sameshima, Dr. Kathryn Ricketts, and Dr. Sean Wiebe. More


The Scarfe Sandbox team will be hosting two HOUR OF CODE playshops on November 27 & 28 | 12:00 - 2:00 pm | Scarfe 1007 | Informal drop-in, all welcome More

Power Analysis Workshop

Quantitative Methods Society is hosting the Power Analysis Workshop on November 22, 2018. It will be presented by Ryan Ji and Ben Hives. More

Social inequality in higher education attainment – a Nordic perspective

Seminar with Dr. Jens-Peter Thomsen, Research Associate Professor at the Danish Center for Social Science Research, Copenhagen, Denmark More

Critical Dialogues Seminar Series: Fostering school leadership and educational change in Europe

Findings from an international program for school professionals from the Netherlands, Estonia, The Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. More

Innovations in Educational Neuroscience – Transforming Practice through Emerging Research

Hear about the latest science and practice in the new field of Educational Neuroscience and look for future opportunities. More

UBC Postdoctoral Association – Post Doc Research Day

The UBC Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is Postdoc Research Day 2018 is on Monday December 3rd; register or submit an abstract today! More

Seminar: Transforming your Practice Through Self-study: Tales of Experience

Transforming your practice through self-study: Tales of experience More

Dating School

This submission is to promote the Dating School - a workshop put on by the Center for Group Counselling & Trauma. More

Peru Global Seminar Info Session

Interested in participating in a Global Seminar this summer in Peru? If so, come to an information session November 21, 2018. More

Digital Whiteboards! Playshop

Attend one of our workshops to explore how to use digital whiteboards in your classroom. November 6 & 7 from 12:00 - 2:00 pm. Drop-in, no registration More